Everything You Need to Know Before Buying 14k Yellow Gold Bracelets

Purchasing yellow gold fine bracelets without stones is fun and exciting. From charm bracelets to bangles to delicate link chains, there is a wide variety of affordable 14-karat gold bracelets without stones for your perusal on eBay. Don't limit yourself to women's bracelets; men's bracelets are also available.

Which features should you consider when purchasing yellow gold bracelets?

Purchasing a 14k gold bracelet requires some thought to ensure you get exactly what you want for your investment. Ensure that you're considering all of the relevant factors so that the quality of the bracelet directly correlates to the money you'll be spending. Here are some features you should take into consideration when purchasing yellow gold bracelets:

  • Color - Gold comes in different shades such as rose, white, and pink varieties. Yellow gold is the classic standard for gold jewelry.
  • Karats - The karat number assigned to the gold is a measure of its purity. When you purchase 14k gold pieces, this is essentially a happy medium between price and quality. Prices tend to rise for higher karat jewelry.
  • Markings - Check the markings to determine that it's real gold and to ascertain the purity.
What are the differences between yellow gold and white gold?

Yellow gold and white gold are both luxurious materials for rings and bracelets. White gold and yellow gold are alloyed metals. White gold is composed of gold and a lighter metal like manganese or palladium. Yellow gold is gold combined with zinc or copper. Both yellow gold and white gold are measured in karats. Yellow gold bracelets require care and polishing on a regular basis to maintain peak condition. A 14k gold bracelet looks beautiful whether set with stones or without stones. Yellow gold is shiny and stands out against most skin tones.

Buying 14-karat yellow gold bracelets as a gift

The gift of 14k yellow gold bracelets are appropriate at any age. In some cultures, gold jewelry is gifted to newborn girls as an expression of love and to give them financial security as they grow older. A 14k yellow gold bracelet is a thoughtful gift for a high school or college graduation, Sweet Sixteen, engagement, or wedding. Even if the recipient is a younger child who loses jewelry easily, you can still give her a 14k yellow gold bracelet as a present and let her wear it on special occasions. Never underestimate the power of 14k yellow gold in creating positive memories. Their versatility also makes them easy to wear with casual or formal clothing.