Calentador A/C y controles para Pontiac Grand Am

A/C and Heater Controls for Pontiac Grand Am

Create the perfect interior temperature in your car with A/C and heater controls for the Pontiac Grand Am. Each of these parts is engineered to fit the Grand Am cab and electrical system to ensure efficient performance. Whether you want to upgrade an original part or replace a component after it’s damaged, you can choose from a large selection of individual knobs and full control panels.

What is a climate control panel?

The climate control panel includes all of the controls you need to run the heat and A/C in your Grand Am. Each control is mounted on a plastic panel that fastens to the dashboard of your vehicle. The back of the panel attaches to the heating and A/C connectors.

What controls are found on Grand Am climate control panels?

The climate control panel for the Grand Am usually features three knobs and two buttons. With these five controls, you can operate each function of the heating and A/C system in your vehicle.

  • Fan knob: Enables you to control the fan speed or turn the fan off.
  • Temperature knob: Manages the temperature on a scale of cold to hot.
  • Mode selector knob: Directs the air to specific vents in the car.
  • Rear window heater button: Activates the in-window heating strips to melt ice and snow from your rear window
  • A/C button: Turns the A/C system on or off and tells you the status with an indicator light
What is an individual control knob?

Single control knobs can be found for the Grand Am to replace a cracked or broken knob. Most knobs pop onto a metal connector rod for quick, tool-free installation; a tapered point or a painted mark indicates the heating or A/C position. Each control knob fits snugly into the control panel, so it’s important to choose an item that matches your vehicle year to ensure the right fit.

How can you choose correct parts for Pontiac Grand Ams?

Most Pontiac heating and A/C components are specific to the make, model, year, and even engine type of your Grand Am. To choose a correct part:

  • Choose a component type: Select from heating and A/C control units, individual knobs, actuators, temperature sensors, and more.
  • Select a color: Choose a color that matches the interior of your Grand Am for a seamless look.
  • Double-check compatibility: Read the Pontiac specs chart to make sure that the part is compatible with your Grand Am.