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Finding the Right AGA Ranges and Stoves for Your Kitchen

If you love to cook, the right stove is a must. That’s where AGA ranges and stoves come in. These high-end models are engineered with a unique cast-iron core that delivers efficient heating and effective cooking.

Are all AGA ranges essentially the same?

No. Older AGA models are known for their always-on function. Since the heat is constant, the ovens and hot plates are always on and ready to go. As a result, these traditional AGA stoves double as heat sources for your home. To combat the high energy usage, AGA began making models that enable you to turn the heat on and off as needed. Don’t worry if you like the look of the older used AGA ranges and stoves on eBay; many can be retrofitted to include the on/off function and help manage energy use.

Things to consider when buying an AGA ranges and stoves oven

As you’re looking at different AGA models, keep in mind these factors:

  • Type: AGA ranges come in traditional cast iron, conventional, and professional configurations
  • Fuel type: Choose between electric and natural gas AGA ranges. AGA also makes dual-fuel models that use both types of fuel.
  • Number of ovens: One of the biggest benefits of an AGA stove is its multiple ovens. Choose models with just two ovens or look for models with as many as six. Usually, each oven has a different function — some options are simmering ovens, electric fan ovens, baking ovens, roasting ovens, and grill ovens.
  • Number of hot plates: The AGA hot plates are the burners on the top of the stove. Many AGA models designate different plates for different cooking functions; you might find one for boiling and another for simmering, for example.
What are the distinctive features of AGA ranges and stoves cooker?

AGA models are instantly recognizable, thanks to their distinctive designs. Some of the design features to look for include:

  • Enamel coating: Many of AGA’s ionic ranges and stoves are made from cast iron and coated in vitreous enamel. This enamel coating comes in a huge range of colors, giving you the opportunity to customize it to your personality. One model even comes in a classic Tiffany blue shade.
  • Trim: Conventional ovens from AGA come with distinctive trim options, including X-shaped control knobs and chrome accents.
  • Raised doors: AGA ranges and stoves in cast iron feature thick oven doors. In comparison to conventional ovens, these doors are raised from the front panel and finished with heavy-duty angular hinges.
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