Cambiadores de neumáticos de automóviles AMMCO y balanceadores de rueda


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AMMCO Automotive Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers

AMMCO Automotive tire changers and wheel balancers offer reliable service for auto shops, garages, and individuals alike. These machines make it easy to change your tires without doing any damage to your rims. You’ll also be able to ensure your tires are balanced before your car, truck, or motorcycle hits the open road.

What should you consider when choosing an AMMCO wheel balancer?

Choosing the right wheel balancer for your garage or shop is an important decision. Wheel balancing is an excellent service to have and to offer, but the right wheel balancer is essential to your success. Consider the following when deciding between wheel balancers:

  • Tire or wheel size: Wheel balancers are rated for a maximum tire weight and a maximum wheel and rim diameter, including sizes that range from small equipment wheels, motorcycle wheels, and heavy truck wheels. Select an AMMCO balancer that is sized appropriately for the wheels you plan on balancing, whether your own or those of your customers.
  • Wheel balancing modes: Individual wheel balancers may offer one or more balancing modes, including static, dynamic, and alloy modes. Consider which mode or modes you’ll need to use when selecting your balancer.
  • Balancer Footprint: Determine how much space you have in your garage or shop for your wheel balancer. Select a balancer that fits in the space you have available for balance activities and daily storage. Make sure to leave enough room to move around and get work done in.
  • Balancer Features: Different models of AMMCO wheel balancers offer different features, including self-calibration, vibration diagnostics, and various types of displays or user interfaces. Consider which will be the most useful to you when selecting your balancer.
What do you need to keep your tire changer functioning?

To keep your tire changer working properly requires a few simple accessories and a little general maintenance. You should check your tire changer daily to ensure proper functioning. Replace any parts that become worn, and keep the machine properly lubricated. Keep the following items on hand for maintenance purposes:

  • Tire changer lubricant
  • Replacement rim protectors
  • Air tool oil
  • Replacement bead breaker pads
Why do you need a tire-changing machine?

A tire-changing machine offers several advantages. It saves time when changing out the tire on rims of all sizes from trucks to motorcycles. The equipment can deflate the tire, break the bead, and remove the tire from the rim in less time than it can be done with manual equipment.