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Atomic Downhill Skis

Having the proper skis is essential to making downhill skiing a safe and enjoyable experience. Atomic makes a variety of ski choices for men, women, and children, along with choices for different skiing conditions. The process of choosing the right set of downhill skis can be simplified with a few pieces of information.

What are the parts of a downhill ski?

A downhill ski has many different parts, including:

  • Base: The part of the ski that comes into contact with the snow.
  • Deck: The part of the ski above the base containing the binding.
  • Binding: Where the ski boot goes.
  • Camber: The part of the base arching up. It is often located under the binding.
  • Tip or nose: The front of the base.
  • Waist: The narrowest part of the ski.
  • Shovel: The widest part of the ski.
  • Sidecut: The way the ski is cut from the nose to the middle.

What are the different types of downhill skis?

There are many different types of downhill skis, including:

  • All mountain: As the name implies, this is a general-purpose ski suitable for most downhill skiing purposes. Atomics Vantage and Vantage X options come in different widths. Those with a waist width under 75 millimeters perform well on hard-packed trails, while those over 75 millimeters perform best in powdery conditions.
  • Racing: Designs like Atomics Redster, Redster X, and Redster FIS have narrow waists and are less flexible, allowing faster downhill descent while maintaining control.
  • Piste: Atomics Cloud skis have large sidecuts and built-in inflexibility, allowing sharper turning.
  • Freestyle: These shorter skis, like Atomics Punkx and Blacklander, are meant for jumping and tricks and have center-mounted bindings.

What is ski turning radius?

The distance it takes a skier to make a complete circle is called the turning radius. Tips widths, tail widths, and the skis shape all help to determine ski turning radius. Generally, people wanting to make quick turns need skis less than 16 meters while those who want to make wide turns will want more than 22 meters.

What size skis do you need?

Generally, you should look for Atomic skis whose length falls somewhere between the bottom of your chin and the top of your head. Beginner and intermediate skiers usually benefit from longer skis as these provide more balance while more experienced skiers may want to consider shorter skis to increase their speed. If you have a slimmer build, then a shorter ski may work best for you, while those with wider builds may prefer longer options. Shorter skis make it easier to make quick turns while longer ones make it easier to slide over fresh powder.

Whether the end of summer or winter draws near, bringing changes in weather and activity,Seasonal sales give you the opportunity to stock up and ensure youre ready for fun when they roll around again.

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