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Alpine 10 Inch Car Subwoofers

What You Should Know About Buying an Alpine 10 Car Subwoofer

The Japanese car electronics company Alpine has created a subwoofer that fits nicely with many different car models. With high bass quality and clear-cut sound that can go as high as 750 watts, the 10-inch subwoofer provides an enjoyable audio experience within a vehicle.

How does the installation process work?

To connect the Alpine 10-inch subwoofer to the vehicle, there are other parts required for a successful installation. Separate parts such as these are needed in addition to the subwoofer:

  • Amplifiers
  • Cables
  • Enclosures

When choosing amplifiers, its important to note that they should match the impedance (or ohms) so that the car subwoofer does not overheat quickly.

An example of this would be to pair an Alpine subwoofer of 400 watts RMS and 4 ohms with an amp that holds an identical amount of watts and impedance. With the right cables, both devices can be connected so that they can play audio. Having the enclosure contain the subwoofers also helps keep them from falling out of place and helps with shaping the audio so that the bass is not out of control. Many enclosures have dual capabilities. If you wanted to place two Alpine 10-inch subwoofers in the same enclosure, your audio experience with the bass would not only be more enhanced but much more powerful.

What are the benefits of a 10-inch car subwoofer?

Any Alpine subwoofer in the 8- and 10-inch range will provide an audio punch. They are also quicker to respond and will warm up faster due to the smaller size. While they may not have the booming bass of a 12-inch subwoofer, the response and low end are still clear enough to enjoy fully. In fact, the frequency response in an Alpine car subwoofer will hover between 30Hz and 200Hz, putting it above the subwoofer standard of 20-200Hz.

Why is bass so important to a car subwoofer?

Bass is important to the audio systems of cars because its low-end qualities give the music listening experience a boost without listeners having to turn the volume up to near-max levels. Alpine provides speakers with the amount of bass that can give a subwoofer longevity, especially if its installed within a dual enclosure system. Whether in a single or dual setting, it is important to have a solid amount of bass available so that your cars audio system can last for a long period of time.

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