Ankle Weights Weights

Choosing the Right Ankle Weights for Your Workout

Ankle weights and leg weights offer a beneficial way to enhance your workout whether you walk, run, or enjoy calisthenics. Using them lets you add resistance to each exercise, burn more calories, and tone muscles more quickly. You need the appropriate design for your workout, though, to avoid injury while using them.

What are the typical weights of manufacture and their uses?

You will find three different categories of weights vis a vis their poundage – lightweight of 1 to 3 pounds, mid-weight of 4 to 5 pounds, and heavyweight of 6 to 20 pounds. See the manufacturer site for details. Lightweight ankle weights prove ideal for wear while walking, jogging, doing calisthenics, or just doing a chore around the house. Although light, these leg weights for running and walking increase the rate of calorie burn by 5% to 15%. Use mid-weight options for jogging and at-home leg exercises to enhance the results of leg curls, leg extensions, and leg squats. Weight trainers designed the heaviest category of weights for at-home leg exercises.

Are there different designs of leg and ankle weights?

At the lower end of the leg weight selection, all your choices have the same design - adjustable ankle weights. The lightest options you can use as running ankle weights or wrist weights. These attach as flexible bands or use Velcro to the ankle. Heavy ankle weights typically fit over the ankle and calf area of the leg. They resemble footless knee socks that use Velcro closures to ensure a secure fit. This distributes the heavy weights evenly throughout the lower part of the leg.

What are some important features of these leg weights?

Wearable leg weights use breathable cloth and fibers in their design to allow for sweat-wicking. They typically include neoprene padding between the leg and weight to increase comfort and durability. The Velcro closures can vary in size. Look for larger Velcro pads to increase the security of the weight’s placement. This lets you increase stability or use lighter weights on your wrists, as well. Designs in the heavyweight category provide pockets for inserting weights, allowing you to adjust the weight worn, typically from 2 pounds per leg to 10 pounds per leg. These designs include five, 2-pound weight bars per wearable ankle weight for a total of 10 weight bars of 20 pounds per set.