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How to Save a Cracked Phone

Few scenarios are quite as common or as disheartening as those that begin with the sight of a series of cracks running across the face of your iPhone 6, rendering the LCD unusable. Luckily, once you know the secrets of screen replacement you can bring your device back to life with a simple repair.

What's the iPhone 6 Screen Like?

For many users, the screen is the most important part of an Apple iPhone; some even use it more as a portable computer than as any form of telephone. The screen is the primary interface, its multi-touch capacity provides user control of the various applications, while the display itself is your primary source of information. The iPhone 6 screen has the following characteristics:

  • Size: It's a 4.7-inch diagonal IPS LCD with ion-infused oleophobic glass for added strength and fingerprint resistance.
  • Resolution: The resolution is 1334 by 750 pixels, for a density of 326 pixels per inch, making it a Retina-class display.
  • Visibility: For ease of use in all lighting conditions the LED-backlit LCD on the iPhone 6 offers a 1400:1 contrast ratio with a maximum brightness of 500 cd/m2.

How Do You Replace the Screen?

Luckily for those users who have damaged the glass on their iPhone, LCD and digitizer replacement is reasonably easy to do, provided you have the right parts and are willing to take your time and work carefully. It's mostly a matter of paying attention and following a few simple steps:

  • Collect Tools: You need a pentalobe screwdriver, packing tape, a suction cup, tweezers, a set of small screwdrivers, and at least one spudger. You also need your pre-assembled replacement panel including the LCD and digitizer.
  • Basic Procedure: The basic procedure involves using the packing tape to create a smooth surface and contain any shards from the broken screen. Then you have to go in through the bottom of the device, using the pentalobe screwdriver to remove the two screws flanking the lightning connector. Carefully heat and separate the front panel from the rear case, using suction to remove the glass. Open it from the bottom, using the top as a hinge. Once it's up, carefully disconnect the cables and then install your replacement screen and digitizer assembly.
  • Tips: Always use the minimum necessary force to do anything. Never apply force to the sockets; use a small tool to lever the connectors up a little at a time. Remember to transfer the home button to the new front panel. Don't press down on the center of the digitizer connector, work from the ends.

Taking Care of Your iPhone 6

One of the ways that Apple maintains control over the iPhone design is by using a lot of proprietary parts and making decisions like tying the fingerprint sensor to the original home button. While some of these choices make installing a replacement LCD more difficult than it might be, home iPhone repair is still reasonably common. It's not just screens, you can also get replacement batteries. Once you finish the repair you can just press the home button and watch your iPhone 6 come to life.