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Arctic Cat Vintage Snowmobiling Equipment

Snowmobiling is a means of winter transportation in places with heavy snowfall. This mode of transportation is also considered a sport in the wintertime. Proper snowmobiling equipment is required for safety and comfort during snowmobiling.

What types of vintage accessories does Arctic Cat offer?

Besides brochures on snowmobiling, Arctic Cat has the following parts and accessories:

  • Snowmobile parts for repairing old snowmobile machines
  • Snowmobile toys
  • Clothes that are appropriate for the cold and windy conditions on a snowmobile
  • Home accessories like vintage clocks
  • Snowmobile oil to keep the machine running smoothly
What is snowmobile oil used for?

Snowmobile oil is used to clean the exhaust power valves and lubricate the different metal gears of the machine. The quality of the machine performance depends on the low friction levels of the components.

What is the ignition coil of vintage Arctic Cat snowmobile?

The vintage ignition coil is a part of vintage Arctic Cat snowmobile models. It is used to convert the voltage from the battery to a spark. The spark coming from the spark plugs ignite the fuel in the machine and start the engine.

What years do vintage Arctic Cat snowmobile accessories refer to?

Vintage parts and gears refer to snowmobile accessories used in the latter part of the 20th century. The vintage accessories can be used on those vintage model snowmobile engines that were produced in the last decades of the 20th century.

What is an exhaust muffler, and how does it work?

Arctic Cat mufflers are part of the exhaust system. They muffle the exhaust sounds. It reduces the weight and increases horsepower to the snowmobile. The muffler is installed to the exhaust system and other than sound muffling does not have any exhaust function.

What are the replacement parts and accessories for the snowmobile?

The parts that can be replaced are snowmobile body parts, wheels, covers, electrical parts, exhausts, engine parts, snowmobile oil, snowmobile apparel, windshields, tools, skis and carbides, tracks, and first-aid gear.

What is Arctic Cat vintage wear?

Jackets, pants, suits, boots, and gloves are part of the snowmobile wear much like the one used for skiing. Snowmobile wear is made with materials such as acrylic, Gore-Tex, and other synthetic materials.

How do you prevent Arctic Cat snowmobile engine failure?

To elongate the Arctic Cat engine performance period, the tips listed below may help:

  • Always use the right kind of fuel.
  • Know how your fuel controller works and use it properly.
  • Use a lubricating oil.
  • Warm the machine up before starting until it reaches at least 100 Farenheit.
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