If You Want to Share Your Music, Heres a Handy Headphone Splitter

Have you ever wanted to share the music you are listening to with a friend next to you, but you dont want to share earbuds? These nifty audio jack splitters are for you. Choose from adapters available in this eBay collection that allow you to share audio with you and one person, or other adapters that can accommodate up to five peoples headphones.

What are some features of a headphone jack splitter?

Besides being able to share movie or music audio with friends, the headset splitter adapter includes features that arent just for audio.

  • 3.5mm jack size: Both the male and female adapter on an audio jack splitter will fit all smartphones, iPhones, and auxiliary ports in a car or on a speaker with a 3.5mm jack port.
  • Headphone and microphone splitter: Some headphone splitters come with two adapters, one for headphones and one for a microphone. These types of splitters are used specifically for Xbox and PC gaming systems.
  • Headphone and microphone splitter with volume control, mute, and mic on/off button: This is a special type of headphone splitter that includes an integrated sound card with a USB port. You can turn the microphone on and off and control the volume with a click of a button.
Does using a multiple headphone jack lessen the sound quality?

While using a multiple headphone jack may lessen the sound volume, the splitter will not interfere with the quality of the audio. All parties will be able to hear the audio you share. Many affordable choices can be found on eBay.

In what scenario does a person use a headphone splitter?

Say you want to watch a movie while flying on an airplane. Your girlfriend is sitting right next to you. She wants to watch the same movie. You have to use headphones when watching a movie on a plane, and the audio cant be heard without earbuds. This is when a headphone splitter comes in handy. You plug the splitter into the device jack, plug both of your headphones into the splitter, and enjoy your movie together.

How many people can you share your audio with?

If you get a headphone splitter with only two female ports, then you can listen to and share your audio with one friend. However, there are audio jack splitters that include six female ports. This allows you to plug in a device, and up to five peoples headsets, at one time.