Elevadores de automóviles y máquinas de Marco

Auto Lifts and Frame Machines

Professional automotive lifting systems and frame machines are essential pieces of equipment in an auto body repair shop. Different models are available to meet the requirements of your shop. Take a look at some of the available equipment and see what can make your job more efficient.

What types of lifts are used for cars and trucks?
  • Two-post lifts: A frame is attached to two posts, which keep the frame steady while the car is lifted off the ground.
  • Four-post lifts: Four posts hold the car lift while it is lifting the vehicle up. It is sturdy enough that it can be used as a storage rack for one automobile while another is parked below it.
  • Scissor lifts: These create an X, or scissor shape, when the vehicle is lifted. The design is sturdy enough to hold up to 6,000 pounds.
  • Jack stand: Jack stands are simple and efficient stands that slide under the car and lift it up. They are made out of steel or aluminum materials.
What are the differences between heavy-duty and hydraulic lifts?

Hydraulic equipment is powered by oil, which provides pressure to the cylinder. Some of the differences include the following:

  • Security: Many hydraulic systems have sensors, which provide a warning in the event of car instability.
  • Speed: Hydraulic systems operate a bit faster than heavy-duty car lifts. The difference is approximately 0.05 meter per second.
  • Installation: Most heavy-duty car lifts come in an easy-to-assemble form whereas fluid-powered equipment requires professional installation.
  • Maintenance: Fluid-powered systems tend to be made of galvanized steel, which requires less maintenance than equipment that requires regular greasing.
What type of work does a frame repair kit handle?

Depending on the model of the kit, these tools can typically handle between 3 and 10 tons of weight. Frame machines can handle the raising of the vehicle, as you may not have room for a full system. The kits are capable of the following:

  • Auto lifting: In order to correct frame damage found underneath a vehicle, youll need to raise the auto off the ground. The frame machines and kits maximize space by fitting anywhere in your garage.
  • Pulling: Using the power of pump and oil, you can improve the vehicle’s cosmetic appearance by pulling out dents easily.
  • Straightening: Frame alignment is key to the overall repair. These powerful tools help you straighten out the frame so you can finish the job.