Bombas de Transferencia de Fluidos de Automoción

Use an Automotive Fluid Transfer Pump to Extract Oil Easily

Dont worry about making a mess or dealing with all sorts of hassles when extracting oil from your car or truck. Fluid transfer pumps make siphoning fluids out of a tank and into a container a straightforward process, and you can use them for household, yard, and workplace tasks as well as automotive ones. You can find the ideal new or used pump for your intended task by browsing the listings for these tools on eBay.

What is meant by manual extraction of fluids?

Manual extraction refers to drawing all liquids into and out of the transfer pump through a hand-operated apparatus. A pull-and-press style pump tool utilizes a suction syringe component. Pulling on the handle creates air suction that draws in the liquid. Pressing down on the syringe handle allows air to force the fluid out. Other types of suction devices exist, including a squeeze ball pump and a lever-action one. Not all pumps, however, are manually operated. Automatic extractors powered by batteries can also perform the pumping work.

Are automotive fluid transfer pumps limited to oil extraction?

No, some transfer pumps may be able handle several different types of fluid beyond oil. Always read the instructions on the packaging to determine what fluids are appropriate for the specific tool. Other types of liquid you can work with may include:

  • Transmission fluid
  • Steering fluid
  • Coolant
  • Water
What is the hose component to the pump?

The hose serves as the transfer byway for the fluid chosen for extraction. The user inserts one hose into the containment tank filled with oil or another liquid. The other hose can then be inserted into the destination container. The pump handle then creates the suction that draws the fluid from the first location through the first hose. The second one acts as the delivery pathway for the storage container.

Are the fluid transfer pumps intended exclusively for automobiles?

Different models of fluid transfer pumps vary in terms of their capabilities. Instructions for these implements may note that oil can be removed not only from cars or trucks but various other objects containing internal oil tanks, such as boats and aquariums. Always refer to the owners manual for clarification.