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Automotive Supplies

Whether youre starting up a new automotive shop or just need to restock supplies, youre going to need a variety of items. Paint, maintain, or repair vehicles with a wide range of automotive supplies.

What items do you need to paint cars?

When it comes to painting a vehicle, a spray gun and paint are only the beginning. To get a professional-looking finish, youll also need the following:

  • Sanding equipment: From sanding down debris beforehand to sanding and buffing imperfections after painting, youll need a variety of sanding tools.
  • Safety equipment: Gloves, goggles, and masks are necessary items for protecting your skin and respiratory system.
  • Ventilation: If you cant perform the work outside, consider a ventilation system. This will expel fumes while allowing in fresh air.
  • Body filler: Before painting, fill in the holes and scratches that lead to rust with a body filler.
  • Hardener: This is mixed with a clear base to protect the automobile and give it a glossy shine when done.
What parts are needed for vehicle maintenance and repairs?

Miscellaneous items that can be used to maintain or repair vehicles include the following:

  • Gas can: Youll want to keep a gas can filled up for times when a car is towed and has no gas in it. Its also helpful for test-driving the car after the work is performed.
  • Battery charger: Replacement batteries or a battery charger will come in handy when a car wont start. It will give the car enough juice to pull it in or out of the bay.
  • Oil change supplies: Oil filters, pans, tools, and oil are key for when your client comes in needing an oil change. Dont forget the lube and grease.
  • Repair parts: From belts to starters, transmissions, engines, and lights, youll want to keep a stock handy.
What are automotive towels for?

Automotive towels come in various types and serve different purposes:

  • Paper towels: These are used for wiping and drying hands as well as cleaning up smaller messes. You can find them folded to put in a dispenser and on rolls either with perforations or without them.
  • Microfiber: Microfiber towels have two main purposes--cleaning and polishing. Many microfiber towels can do both although you can find specialized equipment designed for buffing and polishing.
  • Shop towels: A shop towel is generally used for heavy-duty cleaning. They are also handy to drape over the side of the car when you are leaning into the engine.