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Baby Booster Chairs

Booster seats are designed to keep your child at a safe and comfortable level during meal times. Models with detachable trays can be used when an eating surface isn't available. When traveling, portable units give your toddler a safe place to eat.

What factors should one consider when buying a booster seat?
  • Child size and stage of development - Younger babies may need a booster model with a detachable tray while a tray-less model that pushes up to the dining table may be better for an older toddler.
  • Convenience - A booster seat lets you designate a chair for your child, making meals easier.
  • Dining setup - Most seats require a hard-backed chair for secure installation, and some require a hard seat as well, so check your dining setup.
  • Cleanup - A baby booster with a cushioned seat may be more comfortable for your child, but fabric folds, straps, and cushions can take longer to clean than hard plastic models.
What are the benefits of using a booster seat?
  • Space saving - Booster seats take up less space than traditional high chairs and can be pushed around the table when installed on a chair.
  • Versatility - Baby boosters can be attached to a seat, placed on a table top, or used on the floor.
  • Portability - It's easier to take a baby booster with you when traveling than it is a traditional high chair.
How is a booster seat secured to the dining seat?

Most seats use straps with buckles to attach for safety. They can then be pushed up to the table for meal time. Some models use clamps to secure to the chair while others sit on the seat of the chair, without the use of straps or clamps.

What are the different styles of baby booster seats?

There are various designs. All have the purpose of making your baby higher and more comfortable during dinner, lunch, and breakfast. The most common style of seat is a hard plastic design with safety straps and a removable tray. Other types feature tray-less or strap-less designs.

When should children transition to booster seats?

Booster seats don't typically recline like a high chair, so babies are ready when they hold themselves upright on their own and show an interest in self-feeding. A toddler who wants to sit with the family but is not tall enough to sit at the table unassisted is ready for a booster.