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Bally Fitness Equipment and Gear

Home fitness equipment can help you get in shape without going to the gym. From abdominal exercisers to fitness balls, Bally Total Fitness offers many products for working out.

What are some of these Bally Total Fitness products?

  • Resistance trainers: These trainers are often used in yoga, Pilates, or CrossFit exercises and come in resistance levels from light to extra heavy. Available as bands or tubes, they come in many colors.
  • Toning belts: Bally Total Fitness designs these to stimulate the muscles and increase sweat production. You can find toning belts for your arms or waist. The hand-washable arm belts are made of soft material and have grip-strip closures designed to fit most arm sizes. The waist belts, made of neoprene, have three adjustable, zippered fits and come in models to accommodate waist sizes up to 46 inches.
  • Abdominal exercisers: Bally offers many of these for different fitness levels. Examples include the Power Wheel Ab Roller, the Stretch and Toning Twist Board, and machines for doing crunches.
  • Door knob exercisers: Designed for strength training, these Bally Total Fitness products come with durable tubing, soft-rubber grips, and loops to slip over a doorknob.

How can you use Bally Total Fitness exercise balls?

Bally exercise balls can be used in many different routines for the core, back, and leg muscles, including Pilates and yoga. Some people sit on exercise balls while they are at their desks. Other people select exercise balls for rehabilitation exercises and physical therapy. Bally Total Fitness exercise balls are sometimes used by pregnant women in birthing exercises to open their hips and support their backs during the last few months of pregnancy.

What is the Bally Total Fitness Thigh Toner?

This equipment from Bally is made of high-density foam cushions. It is designed to work the glutes and both inner and outer thighs. To work the inner thighs, first you lie on an exercise mat or sit on an exercise ball. Then, you hold the Bally toner between your thighs and squeeze it in and out, pressing your thighs toward each other. The toner can also be used to tone the triceps if you hold it in both hands and perform the same in-and-out motion.

What is the Bally Total Fitness Calorie Counting Jump Rope?

People sometimes use jump ropes as part of a cardio fitness routine. This product has a digital reader that counts the number of turns made and calories burned while using the jump rope. It comes in a red and black design.

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