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What Are Bape Stickers?

If you want to personalize your skateboard, laptop, cell phone, or any bag or luggage, these vinyl stickers have style and staying power. It is short for Bathing Ape, this product line was created by Nigo in 1993 and includes products like of clothes for men, women, and children and other odd accessories. These urban style art stickers frequently released in limited edition runs.

What Is the Origin of the Brand Decal?

After the founding of the brand, the design took inspiration from the 1968 Planet of the Apes movie, which is how the Bathing Ape became the keystone image of this Japanese fashion line. There have been frequent collaborations with other brands and feature characters from popular media, which means that you can probably find these luxury stickers for some of your favorite brand logo or favorite cartoon.

  • Cartoons - Previous collaborations for cartoon include Sponge Bob Square Pants, Marvel and DC Comic characters, and Hello Kitty. These are great for sticker bombing thinks like your luggage to make it stand out when traveling.
  • Brands - There have been collaborations with both large name brands and small niche brands including Pepsi, Coca-Cola, M*A*C, Undercover, Supreme, Stussy, Carhartt, and Casio.
  • Other Artists - They have also worked with other artists like Biggie Smalls, the Beastie Boys, Pharrell Williams, UNLE, Kanye West, Kreayshawn, Linkin Park, Lil Wayne, and Kieth Ape.

What Are the Hallmarks of a Bape Brand Sticker?

These stickers can come in custom orders and each piece has a white outer edge to the high-quality vinyl decals can brighten up laptop stickers, bags, jackets, home decor, or even your car. They are a great way to personalize items because they are a durable vinyl that resists fading. However, due to the popularity of the style, beware of reproductions and forgeries.

  • You can get bulk collections of stickers that have a random assortment around a theme like Hypebeast with Supreme or no theme at all.
  • Watch for real vs. fake. There are a lot of copy cats out there, so be mindful when making selections.
  • Be sure to also check out the other product lines beyond stationery. They have produced a lot of comfortable streetwear and over time this brand has lived up to the hype that made it popular in the early years.

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