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Bark River Knives

Bark River is a family-owned business known for producing fixed blade knives. Most of their knives are full tang and usually have two to three rivets. Some of their models may work in a kitchen setting as cooking cutlery.

How do you choose a knife for bushcraft?

Choosing a Bark River knife for outdoor use will depend on both your hunting experience and the type of environment in which youll be. Bark River produces a wide variety of fixed blade knives to cover several outdoor scenarios including hunting and bushcrafting. If you are going to camp in a densely forested wood, you may find that a knife with a long blade like the Golok might cut through thick vegetation. Conversely, a knife with a small or medium blade size may serve you in a variety of everyday cutting applications. Some common blade types you may find on bushcraft knives include:

  • Drop point
  • Spear point
  • Straight edge
  • Trailing point
What are some of the Bark River models?

Bark River offers a complete line of fixed blade hunting and bushcraft knives. Each model may have several variations, allowing you to choose one that meets your needs or preferences. Some of Bark Rivers most common fixed blade hunting and bushcraft knives include:

  • The Aurora
  • The Impala Carver
  • The Grizzly
  • The Sandstorm
  • The Mini Fox
  • The Bravo
  • The Essential
  • The North Country
What types of handles are available?

Bark River offers a wide variety of different handle materials. The standard handle is made of black-carbon fiber. Although the specific handle materials available for each knife will vary according to make and model, other handle materials you can choose for your Bark River knife include:

  • Bone
  • Brass
  • Horn
  • Leather, including stacked leather
  • Stag or antler
  • Wood
What extra features can you choose?

Bark River includes sheaths to house each knife with most of their fixed blade models. In addition, some knives may have a lanyard hole in the bottom of the handle. This hole allows you to thread a piece of rope or cord through the handle. You can then affix the cord to your wrist as an extra measure to keep the knife in hand if you wish. Otherwise, you may wish to hang the knife by the cord after cleaning it or to keep it out of the way.

How do you maintain Bark River knives?

The specific guidelines for taking care of your Bark River knife will vary according to steel and handle composition. However, you can follow these basic steps for most fixed blade hunting knives:

  • Use water and scrubbing to remove any stains or debris from the knife blade.
  • Coat the blade with a light film of mineral oil.
  • Aside from any oil you may have added, ensure that the blade and the interior of your sheath are completely dry before you store the knife.
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