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Bear Factory Crossbows

Bear Factory Crossbows

Bear Archery is a U.S. company that produces and markets archery bows and associated equipment. In addition to traditional, youth, and compound archery bows, the company offers crossbows for hunting, field, and target use. Heres some information on this class of archery and related accessories.

What is the difference between types of bows?
  • Basic crossbow: A basic crossbow differs from traditional archery in that the bow is mounted on a stock and the string is held and released by a trigger. To operate the crossbow, the user holds it horizontally by the stock, then aims and pulls the trigger.
  • Compound bow: A compound bow utilizes a system of cables and pulleys to bend the bow, but there is no stock or trigger. Also, it is held vertically, as in traditional archery.
  • Compound crossbows: Compound crossbows also use cables and pulleys, but additionally have a stock and trigger like traditional versions.
What kind of projectiles are used in archery?

Projectile nomenclature has varied over time. Traditionally, crossbows do not shoot projectiles called arrows. Instead, traditionally they use arrow-like projectiles known as bolts or quarrels, which are shorter and lack vanes.

Modern ones, however, often are designed to shoot projectiles that do have vanes at the end of their shafts, and hence are often referred to as arrows. Even so, these arrows are shorter than those used in traditional bows.

The projectiles in this category are referred to as arrows, and are available from many archery accessory providers.

What are the features of these models?

This product category has several models with different features. To aid in comparison shopping, here are some key features and why they matter:

  • Weight: Lighter ones are easier to carry, and heavier ones usually offer more power and additional features.
  • Draw weight: This refers to how much force is applied to the arrow when it is pulled back fully. This force in turn determines how fast and far the projectile will fly.
  • Draw length: The distance of travel for the mid-point of the string for when the string is cocked and when it is uncocked.
  • Power stroke: For crossbows, the same as draw length.
  • FPS: The velocity of the arrow in Feet Per Second when it is launched.
What are some accessories you can find?

Here are some of the accessories that are included in packages or may be purchased separately:

  • Targeting scope
  • Cheek pad
  • Stirrup
  • String suppression system
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