Bedroom Vanities

Bedroom vanities offer a great place to sit and prepare yourself for the day. Depending on the type of vanity you are looking for, they can give you a separate space for putting on or taking off makeup, applying skin products, or for storing your personal items, jewelry, and perfume. Vanities come in a wide range of styles and colors.

What are the different styles of bedroom vanities available?

There are three main types of vanity sets:

  • Traditional: Traditional or antique vanities are often more ornate than other vanity sets. The vanities may have some scrollwork around the top, cabriole legs, and decorative carvings on the drawers. The stool may be rounded with the same decorations on the base and legs.
  • Classic: These vanities may be long and sleek with simple designs. They often have a clean feel to them, allowing you to keep your space more organized. They are often geometric but may have some curved lines depending on the piece of furniture.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary furniture and vanities often have sharp, contrasting lines and may have asymmetrical details. These vanities are more likely to be made from metal or glass than wood.
What are features that a bedroom vanity may have?

Some vanity sets come with certain features to make this piece of furniture feel extremely personal for the person using it. These features may include:

  • Drawers: Drawers provide a storage place for makeup products, personal items, and jewelry. This way, you can stay organized.
  • Mirrors: Mirrors allow you to see how well you are applying your makeup or skin care products. Some vanities have one mirror or several connected mirrors. Others have mirrors that are ringed with bright lights.
  • Shelves: Some vanity sets have shelves around the mirror where you can put decorations and candles. They allow you to make your vanity space your own personal sanctuary right in your bedroom.
  • Stool or bench: Vanity sets often come with a matching stool or bench to sit on while you get yourself ready. Some stools or benches are plush while others do not have cushions.
What should you consider when looking for vanity sets?

When looking for a bedroom vanity, you should consider the:

  • Color and finish: If the vanity is made from wood, it could be stained to a dark brown or be painted white.
  • Size: Some vanity sets are larger than others. You should measure your space before you purchase your new vanity.
  • Hardware: Door or drawer hardware can range in styles and finishes. You may want to make sure that the vanity hardware matches the hardware on the rest of your furniture.
  • Materials: Most bedroom vanities are made from wood, which could include oak, maple, Asian hardwood, and other species. Some vanities may also be made from metal, like iron, and glass.