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Breville Toaster Ovens

A toaster oven is a convenient appliance to have in the kitchen, as it does much more than simply toast a couple slices of bread or a bagel. Breville manufactures many different toaster ovens with different capacities; all of Breville's models include their Smart Oven technology, allowing you to customize your toaster oven's cooking process to produce perfectly-cooked products. A Breville Smart Oven is able to effectively perform a large variety of cooking functions.

What is Breville's Smart Oven technology?

Breville Smart Ovens have an intuitive control and various controllable settings. There are three dials on the larger Smart Oven models, and one or two dials on the smaller units. These dials are used to control temperature and time. You can also set presets for certain foods such as meats, toast, and cookies. The settings will be saved for preparing the same items in the future. If you adjust the temperature, time, or other settings while making a certain food, the presets will be automatically updated.

How does a convection toaster oven work?

A convection oven utilizes a fan that is located inside the toaster. It is designed to distribute heat evenly throughout the oven. Convection heating helps to reduce cooking time and allows you to use less heat throughout the process, which saves power and electricity use.

What features should you consider when purchasing a toaster?

  • Size: These toaster ovens come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 0.45 cubic feet to one cubic foot. The largest of these units are able to fit up to nine slices of toast, a 9 by 13-inch pan, or a full pan of muffins. This provides plenty of space to make an assortment of food. Smaller units may only be able to fit up to four slices of bread or fit a pizza pan large enough for only an 11-inch pizza, so be sure to think ahead when deciding what size toaster oven to get.
  • Convection: Many of Breville's toasters come with a convection feature to improve airflow throughout the unit. This helps food cook crisply and evenly.
  • Preset options: Having preprogrammed settings is helpful when preparing a variety of foods. All of Breville's units are equipped with between 8 and 13 settings, depending on the unit. These settings include items such as bagels, broil, cookies, slow cook, pizza, reheat, and others, so be sure to check which options are included.
  • Controls: All of Breville's toaster ovens incorporate control systems, but some models include more functionality and a more involved digital display. These units include separate knobs to control temperature, time, and function, while the smaller options may include fewer controls or a smaller screen.
  • Crumb tray: While this may seem like a simple feature, having an easily accessible crumb tray that can be removed from the front of the unit can be more convenient.