If you're looking for clothes to keep you warm and stylish, then Scottish-based Brora can help. Known primarily for Scottish cashmere items, Brora also offers a full range of clothing for women, men, and children. If you are looking for, a new cardigan or an all-weather skirt and blouse set, Brora probably has options.

What types of products does Brora make?

Brora primarily makes warm clothing designed to withstand challenging Scottish winters. They also make all-weather clothes, from slip-on shoes and sandals to bathing suits. Here are some of the clothing types you'll find.

  • Cashmere cold-weather clothing: Brora cashmere comes from Scottish cashmere goats, specially bred and raised for this purpose. Their cashmere offerings range from heavy cold-weather jumpers to thin cashmere tops. Most cashmere items are knit from yarn spun from goat hair.
  • Dresses and coordinated sets: In addition to sweaters, Brora also makes dresses and all-weather sets from linen and other natural fibers. Colorfully knit or sewn items include cold-weather clothes as well as lighter outfits for spring and summer.
  • Tops and bottoms: As with their dresses, separates include options to suit almost any season or weather. For summer or warmer climates, you will find swimwear and beachwear offerings.
  • Children: For children and babies, options include child-sized knitwear, booties, and cold-weather accessories.
  • Accessories: In addition to the clothing items, Brora offers a range of accessories to complement most outfits. These accessories include cashmere scarves, hats, and gloves as well as boots, gym shoes, and beach sandals.

What size do you need?

Many cashmere clothing items, such as jumpers, are oversized items designed to be one size fits all. Other items, such as skirts and dresses, generally use UK sizes, which you can convert to American sizes by subtracting two. For example, a UK size 14 is the same as an American size 12.

What is a jumper?

One area of possible confusion is that in the UK, the term jumper has a slightly different meaning from elsewhere. In the UK, a jumper is another word for a large pullover sweater. Elsewhere, this term refers to sweater dresses and one-piece tops and pant sets. For the most part, if you see jumper in this context, think large sweater.

What is a cardigan?

In contrast to a jumper, a cardigan is a sweater that opens in the front. Cardigans have buttons or zippers on the front, making them easier to put on, remove, and coordinate. The open-front makes a cardigan a cross between a sweater and a jacket.