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Browning Hunting With Shooting Gloves

Browning manufactures several different styles of tactical gloves for shooting. These shooting accessories are made from several different styles of material and in a number of natural color schemes.

What features do gloves for hunting offer?
  • Temperature Protection: In most places, hunting season will correspond with the colder part of the year. Handling cold steel and braving the harsh elements when shooting can be made more comfortable with the use of this kind of hunting accessory. Also, shooting gloves can sometimes mitigate heat transfer when handling the metal portions of a hot rifle.
  • Cleanliness: Shooting gloves can provide a clean protective barrier between your hands and the outdoor elements. This may include keeping your hands clean when handling shotgun shells or target animals.
  • Friction Protection: At a range, this type of handwear can mitigate against the friction of recoil that occurs during long shooting sessions. If your hunting experience includes outdoor work with a hatchet, saw, shovel, or knife, shooting gloves may also protect your hands from blisters.
What styles of glove does Browning make?

Browning features a number of different lines of gloves for both men and women and warm- and cold-weather hunting. All gloves are offered in sizes ranging from small to 2XL. Styles include:

  • Team Browning: Made in Team Browning colors, these gloves are constructed from fleece with 4-way stretch and a hard shell. The seams on the palm and back of the hand are flat to promote added comfort. A silicone finger imprint is designed to help with grip.
  • Mesh Back: Mesh back gloves are made of synthetic suede on the palm for durability and a stretch mesh on the back for custom fit and breathability. The gloves close in back with a hook-and-loop system.
  • Trapper Creek: These gloves use mesh construction for breathability, and they're made using a pull-on design. Trapper Creek gloves are washable and feature a synthetic brushed suede palm.
  • Women's Trapper Creek: The women's line of this handwear offers the same features of the men's line with a slimmer silhouette and different color choices.
How do you care for Browning shooting gloves?

Browning handwear made for this purpose has been designed to be washed either by hand or by machine. These accessories can be washed with other clothing. Ground-in dirt can be scrubbed with a brush before washing to loosen it. You can add a waterproofing spray to gloves with a hard-shell fleece construction. They can be hung or laid flat to dry. Store the shooting gloves in a dry, secure area between uses.

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