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How to Select Replacement Bumpers for a Vehicle

A bumper is a crucial component of any vehicle since it protects your car from severe damage during an accident. After a fender-bender, you may need to replace this integral car part to keep your Audi A8 safe and secure to drive.

What Are the Bumper Types?

Browsing bumpers can be slightly confusing, as there is more than one type available. To replace your A8 bumper correctly, make sure youre getting the right part for the job to ensure a proper fit.

  • Front bumpers go on the front end of your Audi, and there are numerous types of front bumpers, in addition to bumper covers. This is the bottom layer of what will eventually be several layers of parts that make up the entire front end of your Audi A8. Make sure the bumper cover you choose matches the model year of your Audi.
  • A rear bumper goes on the back of your A8. This is the most visible part your back-end portion, and it fits onto the cars rear. The rear bumper is meant to absorb any impact from a collision from behind.
  • A spoiler is a part that fits onto your existing front bumper to create a specialized, sporty effect. They arent necessary, but they are a commonly employed way to customize your A8 and give it some flair.

What Are Some Other Bumper Parts?

Buying a front bumper or rear component isnt where your shopping ends if youre looking to replace this essential auto component. These are just a few examples of necessary or additional parts that install on or around your bumper.

  • Some model years of Audi cars have a built-in parking sensor, and you may find that you need to replace the sensor and wiring harness, which is installed through the rear of the vehicle.
  • You can replace a bent or broken license-plate bracket with some effortlessly installable components.
  • If you need to tow another vehicle, you can install a tow hook to the front end of your Audi A8.

What Do You Need for Bumper Installation?

You dont need a professional to install these types of components because you can complete repairs and replacements yourself as long as you have the correct tools and supplies for the task to make installation painless and stress-free. Before you begin, take inventory of everything you have to make sure that youre ready to dive into the repair without interruption.

  • Youll need correct hardware for installation. This includes everything from nuts, grommets, bolts, brackets, and screws to molding, if needed. Clips and absorbers may also be necessary components.
  • Be sure to pick up the right tools for removing existing pieces, which means everything from power drills to screwdrivers. 
  • You may also find that you require specialized tools to install new hardware.

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