CZ, Moissanite & Simulated Stone Engagement Rings

Tips for Choosing a Spectacular Moissanite Engagement Ring

A moissanite engagement ring is a great option for someone who seeks an affordable alternative to a regular diamond ring. Moissanite comes from meteorites and closely resembles diamonds, but since natural moissanite stones are extremely scarce, gems typically used in jewelry are lab-created. The following tips can help you choose the right moissanite engagement ring from the huge selection listed on eBay.

Qualities that matter most in a moissanite stone

The following features are important when considering a moissanite stone for your engagement ring:

  • Color: Moissanite comes in colorless and near-colorless versions based on color determinations using data from the diamond color grading scale, so know which hue you prefer before making your choice. Note that moissanites dont receive official color grades from GIA since they are lab-created stones whose extreme brilliance can make them seem whiter than they are.
  • Cut: The cut determines exactly how much the gem sparkles, so compare the look of several stones before making your choice.
  • Shape: Along with the cut, the shape determines how much the rings sparkles, so keep your preferences in mind when choosing a stone.
Which is the most sparkly moissanite cut?

The most sparkly moissanite rings feature stones with a round cut, which is one of the most frequently used cuts in engagement rings. Moissanite is an extremely sparkly stone, so when you add in the dozens of facets that are used to create the round shape, you get a beautifully brilliant stone.

Metal options for moissanite ring settings

You can use the same metal options that youd use with a diamond engagement ring when considering a metal to use for your moissanite ring. Choices range from yellow, white, and rose gold as well as platinum. Try on different metals in stores so that you can figure out what works best for your skin tone and lifestyle.

Do moissanite stones have inclusions like those of diamonds?

Many diamonds have naturally occurring inclusions that affect the appearance and quality of the gems. Moissanite has tiny needle-like inclusions that are virtually undetectable to the naked eye, so most moissanite used in jewelry has a clarity grade of at least VS. This is ideal for people who want stones that have the look of nearly flawless diamonds.