Camera Accessory Bundle for Samsung NX

Accessory Bundles to Improve Your Samsung NX Camera

Different camera accessory kits are available for cameras with an array of equipment offerings. Kits come with products to help you get different zooms for shots and for stability. In addition to camera accessories, some kits feature carrying cases to make transporting your Samsung camera and equipment easier.

What are some of the lens options available?

Accessories designed to aid with views and focus feature a range of different viewing fields and zoom capabilities. Kits may feature multiple different lenses within a single listing. Some of the lenses offered alter the viewing field to provide wider shots, while others provide enhanced zoom features. The degree of enhancements offered varies. Select camera accessory kits feature telephoto zoom lens.

What colors and styles are featured in carrying cases?

Camera accessory kits that feature carrying cases feature different shapes and colors. Some cases adopt a backpack style with a front pouch that unzips along the facing of the case. On the inside, different compartments exist for different parts included in the kits. Other cases feature multiple compartments separated by different entrance areas into the case. Another style that is featured is a leather case with a single shoulder strap and a flap that folds over the top of the case. Cases may feature multiple colors in their designs, depending on the individual product listing. Select kits feature cases that are available with multiple color options for the same model. Some of the primary colors offered are:

  • Purple
  • Grey
  • Black
  • Magenta
  • Blue
Do the products offered have protective features?

Listings of accessories offered provide an array of different protective features for the individual accessories they contain. Lens cases and caps are included in several listings, offering resistance against shocks and scratches when a particular lens is not in use. Dust cleaners are also featured in some listings for the purpose of ensuring that users can keep their accessories and cameras free of dust and debris. Bundles of accessories that feature cases use a variety of materials of construction. Some of the cases feature water resistance by way of nylon exteriors. Cases also feature bump and scratch resistance.

Are tripods included in some bundles?

Yes, tripods are featured in many of the listings. The type of tripod varies on an individual basis. Select tripods feature the ability to rotate without having to reposition the legs. In addition, adjustable heights are standard with several of the tripods featured. Among the accessories featured, mounts are also included with tripods for the purpose of attaching cameras.

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