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Camera Backpacks

Camera backpacks are essential when it comes to protecting your investment, whether you're a professional or a hobbyist. They come in a variety of sizes, materials, designs, and styles.

Why would you buy a camera backpack?

Many cameras come with some kind of storage bag which protects it from common threats and elements. However, this cannot guarantee the safety of your camera, especially during transportation. This is when a backpack comes in handy. With a backpack, carrying your camera is easy and convenient regardless of where you go.

It also allows for easy mobility. It also allows for comfort and capacity with most having several pockets and compartments for various equipment. Having a backpack makes it easier to bring your equipment just about anywhere with your camera bag secured on your back. The weight of your gear is evenly distributed in a compact space on your back, providing comfort while on the road.

What should you consider when selecting a camera backpack?
  • Durability and design: Consider one that is made with a material that can endure the weight of your camera as well as other equipment. It will also need to provide protection from elements. It should be able to protect your camera from shock, dust, and rain, like bags with a rain cover.
  • Size and capacity: When deciding on the size to buy, consider the number and size of equipment pieces that you need to carry. If you consider flying with your gear, remember that airlines have bag size limits.
  • Features and protection: Camera bags that are designed for photography equipment have many features. Some of them include a pocket for a laptop, storage for a monopod or tripod, interchangeable drivers, and space for lenses.
  • Straps: These supportive features can be categorized into double-strap and single-strap bags. The large double-strap bag often has a waist strap to provide extra support. The single one, which is slung over one shoulder, is suitable for small cameras with light accessories and equipment.
  • Zippers: Some bags have zippers on the side, while others have it on the back. It is recommended that you select one that allows you to access major compartments without removing the straps, allowing you to take quick shots.

What types of camera backpacks are there?

  • Drone backpack: These are designed for drones, including the DJI Phantom 4, but can also carry other equipment too. There is a lot that can go into this bag, considering its large capacity.
  • Camera hiking backpacks: These are designed for those who are into hiking. They are slender to keep the weight evenly distributed on your back. They also come with breathable technology that prevents you from overheating while hiking.