Camera Lens Adapter for Micro Four Thirds Lens

Change Up Your Micro Four Thirds Camera With Lens Adapters

A micro four thirds camera is designed to be a small, but powerful, model that can be used in many different circumstances. Lens adapters for micro four thirds cameras ensure a diverse range of uses. The following information can help you find adapters that work for your photography needs.

What kind of autofocus is available on these lenses?

Lens adapters for this type of camera body are designed to accept a broad range of autofocus systems. Here are two commonly used autofocus systems:

  • Contrast-detection autofocus: This system is similar to the type used in most compact or point-and-shoot models. It detects different distances in the images and adjusts the focus to ensure everything remains sharp.
  • Phase-detection autofocus: Some camera adapters may make these models compatible with phase-detection autofocus. This type of focus is usually used on legacy lenses because it creates a more accurate focus. Thats because it focuses based on a variety of other imaging factors including the available lighting.
Are these adapters backward compatible?

Micro four thirds cameras are typically backward compatible with a variety of lens types. For example, adapters can make them useful with 38mm lenses. These lenses are about six millimeters smaller than a typical four third system. However, users who already own these types of camera lenses can use an adapter to make it useful for their smaller model.

In fact, these types of adapters are designed to match the mechanical and electrical interface of the micro four thirds camera. As a result, it is possible to add a lens type that wouldnt have worked with it before, such as a zoom lens for a larger camera model.

Which kind of viewfinder is available with these adapters?

The camera body of this model typically uses a live electronic display. This type of viewfinder displays the viewfinder image on an LCD screen for easier adjustment and image capturing. However, some models also include a built-in electronic viewfinder that you can use to take your pictures manually.

These lens adapters also make it possible to add a detachable electronic viewfinder to multiple types of lenses. For example, you can add an optical viewfinder to a prime lens to capture more detailed and precise images with these camera models.

What aspect ratio is available with these adapters?

The average micro four thirds camera has an image sensor of 18 by 13.5 millimeters. The imaging area on this sensor is about 17.3 by 13 millimeters. This aspect ratio is 4:3, which is a typical type used in many cameras. However, it is possible to use adapters to create a different look.

For example, the design of this camera also allows 3:2 and 16:9 ratios. Some may even want a 1:1 ratio for their images. These adapters achieve those ratios by cropping off specific areas of the photo and creating a tighter or broader range of vision.