Camera Lens Extension Tube for Nikon F Lens

Use An Extension Tube for Your Nikon Camera to Magnify Your Shot

When youre trying to take clear images of something thats close to you, youll need to use the correct lens to get things into focus. Putting an extension tube on your Nikon camera can give you more range. When you have one handy, you can snap away and get the zoom you want.

What are basic features of extension tubes?

An extension tube for Nikon F cameras have the following characteristics:

  • Portability: Extension tubes can be anywhere from less than an inch to a few inches tall, and they generally weigh less than a pound. This relatively small size means that they can go in an accessory pocket in your camera bag or get carried around in your backpack without adding a significant amount of bulk.
  • Convenience: It only takes a matter of seconds to mount a tube to your camera and a few more seconds to mount the lens. You can stay in the action during your photo shoot without missing a beat.
  • Flexibility: You can either use just one tube on your camera or a combination of extension tubes to get more reach and magnification.
  • Simplicity: Extension tubes are not considered lenses or optical devices because they do not have any glass. Their outer rings are solid and do not permit any light to enter through the connection points. For these reasons, you can expect the same picture quality as youre accustomed to.
What can extension tubes do?

By extending the distance between the front of your lens and your image sensor, you increase the amount of zoom that youre able to achieve. As light enters your lens with an extension tube, it gets magnified. As a result, a more detailed, focused section can be captured as you take a picture. Different combinations of lenses and tubes can result in different magnification. Examples include:

  • 0.15x lens + 50mm focal length + 25mm tube = 0.65x
  • 0.15x lens + 50mm focal length + 12mm tube = 0.39x
What are the different types of extension tubes?

There are a few different styles that you can consider. They include products made by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) as well as tubes made by third parties. They can generally be categorized into two groups:

  • Without an electrical connection: You cannot electronically adjust the aperture or focus settings while using a tube without an electrical contact. You can either set things up with only the lens attached and then put the tube on using your saved settings, or you can use manual controls on your lens.
  • With an electrical connection: With an electronic tube, signals can still be sent between the camera and the lens. You retain your ability to use the auto-focus feature on your camera.
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