Camera Lens Extension Tube for Pentax K/PK Lens

Choosing the Right Extension Tube for Your Pentax K PK Camera

Extension tubes for Pentax K PK cameras can be used whenever you need to swap out your traditional macro lens during photography routines. Because extension tools are engineered with hardware that has strong magnification elements, they can produce results like a close-up lens. These extension products can be used with a variety of cameras in a way that doesnt impact optical quality.

What is an extension accessory?

An extension piece is an attachment that mounts in a strategic spot on a camera thats between the base and lens. Since a tube isnt an optical accessory, the housing doesnt have any glass elements. Instead, an extension accessory helps a photographer capture strategic shots by positioning a lens so that the hardware is far from the focal plane. This adjustment method is effective because it decreases the overall focusing distance by making an image smaller. As a result, by using an extension accessory, you can take a shot thats closer to a subject, and the hardware accomplishes this by making the subject fill out a larger portion of a lens frame.

What are the design specs for a general extension product?

An extension product is built with hardware that can impact how photos appear after theyre taken. If a product has strategic adjustment options, the hardware may provide up to eight macro combinations. By taking advantage of these modification features, a photographer can achieve a higher magnification while enhancing an image with crisper effect. You can use extension products if you need dew drops on grass or if youre photographing insects.

Many brands offer extension adapters that fit 30mm, 16mm, and 9mm products. Since extension tubes are engineered with hardware that provides a desired level of magnification, a photographer can use one 9mm, 16mm, or 30mm option individually or a combination of different adapters. In many cases, a 9mm, 16mm, or 30mm piece can also be used with tubes for 7mm, 14mm, or 28mm hardware.

What are the extension tube brands?

Multiple photography accessory brands provide extension tube options for different series products. The general brands include:

  • Pentax: Pentax lens can be used when you need practical substitutions for macro lens. These lenses can boost focus and magnification without modifying a cameras optics.
  • Viltrox: Viltrox extension tubes are built with autofocusing features. You can use one of these products to shoot a subject within a close range by taking advantage of the hardwares high magnification capabilities.
  • Vivitar: Vivitar tubes are designed for traditional film cameras and SLR varieties. Products by this brand increase magnification without dramatically reducing the lighting effects in an environment.
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