Camera Lens Extension Tubes for Canon EOS

Do More with Your Camera with an Extension Tube

When youre trying to take a close-up shot of an object, sometimes your camera lens cant focus enough. In this case, you can put on an extension tube to get the right shot. There are a variety of extension tubes available for Canon EOS cameras.

What is an extension tube?

An extension tube is a camera accessory that extends the distance between your lens and your focal plane. By itself, it is not considered an optical element since it doesnt have any glass.

How can they change the way you take pictures?

By extending the distance between the lens and the plane, they can affect your focus range. If your lens has a minimum focus distance of two feet, the tube can change that minimum distance to anywhere from one and a half feet to just a few inches. This can come in handy if youre taking pictures of food, flowers, insects, or anything that you might want to zoom in on. Many people use extension tubes for macrophotography.

What are some different types of extension tubes?

There are different tubes designed for different situations. They can be grouped by:

  • Length: Tubes can come in different sizes. A set could include a 12mm tube, a 20mm tube, and a 36mm tube. With more length comes increased magnification power. Also, remember that shorter tubes can be stacked together to achieve the same effect as a longer one.
  • Electronic or nonelectronic: Some products come with electrical contacts. These contacts can be hooked up so that the camera can still communicate with the lens, even with the presence of a tube in the middle of the two parts. If you go with an electronic tube, you can continue to use your cameras autofocus feature and can use your controls to change the aperture. When using nonelectronic tubes, you can only use the manual controls on your lens to make adjustments to your shot.
What are some other features of these items?

Many photographers keep the tubes in their camera bags so that they can use them when the situation calls for it. Extension tubes are:

  • Lightweight: They dont take up a lot of room and dont add significant weight to your gear.
  • Durable: They are made out of a rigid material that can hold its shape. Many products are made with either hard plastic or metal.
  • Ease of use: They can be put on and taken off a camera body quickly.
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