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135mm f/2 Lenses for Detailed Shots

While 50mm lenses are ideal for beginners, an intermediate or expert photographer may need something with a larger focal length for intense subject focusing and effects. A lot goes into making a lens and even more goes into thinking of buying one. There are a lot of multipurpose lenses that can do portraits well, but few can match up to a 135mm f/2 camera lens. 

What Aspects of a Lens Should I Consider?

  • Lens Speed: "Speed" describes the maximum aperture of the lens. Aperture is the size of the opening or "iris" of the lens when it opens as the shutter button is pressed. This size is represented by the number that goes after the "f/" and gets bigger as the number gets smaller. This is because f is actually the size of the iris after you divide the focal length, such as 135mm, with the number after "f/". 
  • Focal Length and Focusing Distance: Focal length describes the length of your lens, indicated by the mm measurement. It measures the distance between the center of the lens to the focal point on the camera's sensor. It tells you how much the lens will magnify your subject when capturing it. It also dictates the angle of view, such as wide angle, you will get. Focal length often determines what type of photography you can do with it.
  • Image Stabilization: Often abbreviated to IS, this function reduces camera shake and is essential in taking video. Lenses do this by correcting any camera shake through gyro sensors built in. This is useful for shooting video at low f stops.
  • Build Quality: Weight and feel play a part in selecting a lens. High build quality lenses should have smoothly rotating focus rings and a hefty weight that hints at the quality of the internal components. Canon EF "L" lenses are signified by the red ring at the end and have higher quality glass and optical elements than those of other lines.

What Is the USM EF "L" Lens?

  • Portrait Lens: These Canon EF lenses are Medium telephoto optics that allow for sharpness and high depth of field control because of its aperture of f/2 at max. This is ideal for intense subject isolation, making it a formidable portrait lens. This USM EF lens is also ideal for photographing indoor sports, especially in well-lit environments.
  • No Image Stabilization: This lens focuses on still photography than taking handheld videos because it does not feature image stabilization. Bringing out its potential requires steady hands or a tripod, which is generally a staple for studio and sports photography anyway.
  • Build Quality: As a member of the "L" series of lenses, it features premium optics and balanced better on bigger camera bodies because of its heft. Its focus ring is large and well-damped, allowing you to turn it smoothly any time.

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