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Canon 300mm f/2.8 Camera Lenses

Canon f/2.8 Camera Lenses 300mm Focal

Different camera lenses can be matched with your camera to capture all kinds of photos, from snapshots of fast-moving sports events to leisurely holiday outings. Canon makes many types of camera lenses with different apertures and focal lengths. These lenses are compatible with both DSLR and SLR camera types; some Canon lenses are compatible with autofocus technology, while others are compatible with manual focus technology.

What does the focal length of a lens refer to?

This term refers to the angle of view that the lens provides. It is the distance between the image sensor and the lens whenever the subject of the photo is in focus. The focal length of a lens is typically stated in millimeters, such as 300 millimeters. The longer the length is, the narrower the angle of view will be, which also means that the image will be zoomed in. A shorter length leads to a wide angle of view but without any kind of magnification or only a small amount of magnification. Lenses can be either zoom lenses or prime lenses. Zoom lenses come with multiple lengths that can be adjusted via a focus ring around the base of the lens. A fixed lens is one that comes with a single focus amount, such as 50 millimeters.

What does aperture refer to?

An aperture is the hole that light travels through within a camera lens. Apertures come in a range of sizes and can be widened and narrowed to control the amount of light needed. Each lens has a maximum aperture to which the hole can be widened.

What are the different focus types these lenses work with?

  • Auto: This system focuses the lens automatically. It uses a small motor to automatically detect the object within the photo that should be focused on, such as the face of a person in the picture.
  • Manual: This system provides you with the tools necessary to alter the focus on a lens by hand via a focus ring that is usually situated around the mid-section or lower portion of the lens.
  • Auto/manual: There are a variety of lenses that come with a small switch on the base of the lens that allows you to change between manual focus mode and autofocus mode.

What are the different types of Canon lenses available?

  • Macro: These allow you to take photos that are close to the subject without causing the image to become blurry. These lenses usually come with lengthy focal amounts.
  • Telephoto: These come with a longer focal length than normal in order to provide a magnified image as well as a narrow field of view. These lenses come with focal amounts of 60 millimeters or higher.
  • Wide angle: These have a small focal amount in order to produce an image that captures a large amount of the scene in question. The smaller the length, the wider the image will be.
  • Fisheye: This is a lens that comes with a field of view that covers as much as 180 degrees, with the scale being reduced around the edges for a distorted appearance.

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