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Photographing with f/1.8 35mm Camera Lenses

There are times when your 18-24mm feels too wide, but your 50mm portrait lens can't encapsulate everything you want it to and you need a 35mm to get the job done. Despite not being a standard lens in many kits, the 35mm has a certain appeal and versatility that makes it a worthy addition, particularly when combined with a wide maximum aperture of f/1.8. So what are the advantages of the 35mm focal length lens and what should you look for when buying one?

What Are the Advantages of an f/1.8 Aperture?

The main advantage of buying an f/1.8 prime lens is its wide maximum aperture, which allows you to shoot at faster speeds in low-light environments and avoid the visible signs of camera shake or blur that may otherwise result.

  • An f/1.8 lens can also beautifully blur out backgrounds and create stunning bokeh effects, which makes it favorable with professional photographers who want to give their images an edge.
  • They're a good choice for wedding photographers shooting in dimly-lit churches or at dusk as well as when you want to capture candid family moments indoors at Christmas or Thanksgiving when there is limited natural light.

What Is the Appeal of 35mm Focal Length Lenses?

A 35mm is the most subtle wide-angle lens available and marks the starting focal range for wide-angle lenses, which are less than 35mm in length. It offers one of the closest focal compositions to the human eye and provides the viewer a realistic vantage point with which to identify.

  • Another appeal of the 35mm lens is its versatility in a wide range of different photographic situations, including portraiture, landscapes, travel shots, and street photography. You can get relatively up close to your subject as well as capture wide angle shots of the surrounding environment.
  • Compared to a 50mm portrait lens, a 35mm is also much more capable of documenting environmental portraits that showcase your subject within its environment. This is a good way of telling a story about it, without having to say a word.

What Should You Look for When Buying 35mm and f/1.8 Lenses?

In addition to Canon EF lenses that utilize 35mm focal lengths and f/1.8 apertures, you can also find lenses by other brands that incorporate the two without compromising on image quality.

  • Alternatively, look for Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 and f/2 lenses that offer similar maximum apertures to the f/1.8.
  • To reduce the effects of sun glare on your lens, which can reduce contrast and create flare, consider using a lens hood with your 35mm f/1.8.

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