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What Are Underwater Camera Cases?

Underwater photographs can make for memorable shots in any amateur or professional photographers portfolio; however, you cant just grab your Canon and take it into the water. Special housing and cases meant for underwater use allow you to capture photos with your camera that you couldnt get otherwise, such as a school of fish in a clear turquoise ocean.

What Are Some Features of Underwater Housing?

Typically made from rigid plastic, waterproof designs have a few features that make them essential for your lake, ocean, or river photography. You can find the right case for you based on a few factors, including the features they offer. 

  • Not only are these cases waterproof, but many models are also dustproof, keeping your camera free from dust and debris while its inside the housing. 
  • For more variety when shooting underwater, opt for housing that lets you attach peripherals like lenses. A wide-angle lens or a macro lens can allow you to get even more of your subject and surrounding area into the photograph and create customized shots for a better view or fill your frame as you desire for just the right image regardless of whether your subjects are small or large. In addition, a case with a large viewfinder means you dont miss anything. 
  • You can use a flash diffuser when your cameras built-in flash is necessary for taking photos underwater. This helps to improve the quality of the lighting as you snap away at sea creatures while scuba diving or snorkeling. 

Which Models Work with Waterproof Cases?

Considering the prominence of underwater photography, underwater housing comes to fit numerous Canon camera models, so there are many types of cases you can use with your existing camera.

  • Underwater housing is compatible with the brands line of DSLR cameras, such as the EOS line and the PowerShot series.
  • You can also buy housing for HS models, such as the ELPH line of digital cameras.
  • Additionally, check for underwater housing and cases for your Rebel in many model options.

What Are Some Accessories to Use with the Cases?

When youre jumping into the water to take some unforgettable images, you may want to grab a few accessories to make capturing the moment more convenient since youre not on dry land.

  • A neck strap or wrist strap is necessary to hold onto your camera as you navigate the water and organize your equipment, so you can snap without worrying about losing your camera. 
  • Many professional photographers use lubricant, such as silicone grease, in order to attach the O-ring. This is due to the fact that equipment can stick, and it also provides a watertight seal. 
  • Flashes, lenses, and other accessories arent essential, but they can improve or vary the quality and look of your photographs.

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