Diversify Your Media Experience With a Touch-Screen In-Dash Digital Receiver

A high-quality in-dash digital media receiver without a CD player allows you to use a touch screen and a variety of built-in inputs to create a high-quality media experience for your car. These items come from many brands, such as Kenwood, Pioneer, JVC, and Sony, and use car stereo audio to recreate a vibrant audio experience. Digital media receivers without CD players come in many different varieties and even include DVD receiver models.

What kind of connectivity options are available?

When buying one of these car stereos, you have a variety of different input and connectivity options. While many of these in-dash digital media receivers use a built-in design, others do not. You may have to hook your digital unit up to a wired audio system.

These receivers also have a built-in iPod option that allows you to hook up to these players wirelessly. You can also hook up to other media players using Bluetooth and different types of wireless connectivity options. These options increase your unit's ability to include a variety of media types.

Which unit sizes can be installed?

There are two main unit sizes for these receivers. They include one-DIN and two-DIN models. The differences between these units lie in how many connections are necessary for installation. A one-DIN player is smaller and more compact, requiring fewer media connections. In contrast, a two-DIN player is bulkier and requires a few more connections. However, this increased connection necessity also improves the accuracy and clarity of the sound quality. Typically, your car will be compatible with one of these sizes. Check your owner's manual or see the manufacturer site for details.

What touch-screen options available for these products?

Options and features to consider include:

  • Security options: You can lock your screen using a variety of different combinations and swiping patterns.
  • MP3 and DVD compatibility: Many of these units are compatible with MP3 digital files and movie files, allowing you to listen to music and watch movies while on the go.
  • Sound options: Use these options to change the treble, mid, and bass ranges of your speakers. You can also use this option to adjust where the music comes from.
  • Map navigation: Some of these products may have access to online maps that allow you to navigate while traveling through unfamiliar places.
  • Multiple-device sync: Hook your system up to multiple different devices, including iPods, MP3 players, and Android phones.