Car GPS Battery for Garmin

How to Keep Your GPS Charged Up

Car GPS systems are one of the most important developments for road trips since the map. As long as the battery stays charged you can navigate the highways and byways without ever worrying about getting lost.

What Types of Battery Are There?

Battery technology generally falls into two basic categories; primary and secondary. Most GPS batteries are secondary batteries:

  • Primary Batteries: The earliest kind of battery, the key feature of a primary battery is that it is not rechargeable. While they can usually be easy to swap out, you dont use them in Nuvi or other GPS systems.
  • Secondary Batteries: Ranging from the lead-acid battery in your car to thce lithium-ion or li-polymer battery in your Nuvi, these are everywhere. A li-ion battery can last for hundreds of cycles and make sure youre able to reach your destination safely. The key defining point here is that they can recharge, which gives them a longer total life even with a shorter run time on a single charge.

What about Garmin Nuvi Battery Replacement?

One of the problems with any device is that it generally has only a limited lifespan. This is as true of the battery in your Nuvi as it is of any other electrical or mechanical device. Luckily, it is relatively easy to install a replacement battery in a Garmin GPS. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps:

  • Check: Determine whether your Nuvi has a removable battery or not. If not, look for a replacement device.
  • Open: Open the battery panel. Some models of Nuvi such as the Nuvi 2595LMT may require a screwdriver but others can open tool-free.
  • Remove: Disconnect the battery from your Nuvi and slide it free. Some batteries may require a little force but be careful not to apply too much force as you can damage the ribbon cable on some models. Others may just have contacts so the battery doesnt need to clip into position.
  • Replace: Reconnect the replacement and slide it back into place in the battery compartment of your Nuvi.
  • Close: Seal your Nuvi back up and youre ready to hit the road again.

Using a GPS on Battery

Many people use a Nuvi or other GPS only while connected to the car charger, and never on its internal battery. While you can certainly do this, there are advantages to running on battery on occasion. For one thing, your battery lets you run the GPS even when the vehicle is off, so you can keep the route loaded in your Nuvi while you are parking. That saves you time recalculating the route and helps with fuel economy as youre not running the engine just to power a Nuvi. Many GPS systems can save multiple routes so you can pick the one that fits your needs.

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