Car GPS Micro SD Cards

Go Off the Beaten Path With These GPS Cards

If you love documenting your adventures with photos and videos, then these compact, Micro SD card-based GPS maps may be perfect for your next trip. There is a wide assortment of these products available on eBay.

What do these GPS maps do?

These are Micro-SD cards that are pre-installed with programs that mimic the satellite-based GPS software available on smartphones. GPS cards interact with either your vehicles CPU or your phones local Wi-Fi to identify where you are within a given country. In practice, this means youre free to go off the beaten path and venture into areas with less-stable Wi-Fi connections than you would be able to otherwise.

The software can be easily installed onto any compatible device. It allows you to access more in-depth navigational information with options like locale-specific topographic maps and weather warnings. These will also be more reliable in areas with more tumultuous weather conditions.

How do you choose a GPS card?

Below are some factors you will want to consider when purchasing one of these reasonably priced GPS cards:

  • Destination: Where youre planning to use your GPS card.
  • Your vehicle: Android-based vehicle OSDs can connect natively with these GPS programs.
  • Your smart devices: Whether your Android device is a smartphone, OSD, or third-party option.
  • Memory: There are two sizes available8 GB and 16 GB. Consider a 16 GB option if you plan on using the GPS card more frequently.
  • Extra Features: Some of the GPS cards in this eBay collection include things like 3D maps, audio-based directions, and location tracking.
What devices can these GPS cards be used with?

These products are Micro SD cards that contain OS-based GPS programs. To use them, you either need a third-party device that is explicitly listed as compatible with the cards or the appropriate operating system installed onto a PC, tablet, or phone with a reception slot for a Micro SD. Below are some of the operating systems and devices that these cards are listed as being compatible with:

  • Android Devices
  • Eonon Car OSDs
  • Edge Hardware (605, 705, 800 series)
  • eTrex Hardware (Legend and Venture Series)
  • GPSMAP Hardware (62sc, 640, 76CSx, 78)
Which countries are available on these GPS cards?

There are GPS cards on eBay available for dozens of different countries and continents. These maps also include notifications and vital information for factors like travel restrictions and general recommendations for safe travel. Below are some examples:

  • North America: United States, Canada, and Mexico
  • South America: Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina
  • Europe: UK, France and Ireland
  • Middle East: Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Palestine, and Israel