MP3 CD Changers for Flexible Playback and Features in Your Car

Many cars manufactured around the year 2000 may come equipped with a car CD changer. If yours doesn't have one, you can purchase aftermarket or OEM head units to enjoy more features as compared to regular radio and CD player units.

What Is a Car CD Changer?

  • Double DIN: You may have heard of the acronym "DIN" used when describing devices and units placed in the center slots of the dashboard. This stands for Deutsche Industrie-Norm and describes the standard dimensions of devices that can be installed into the above-mentioned slot. A double DIN unit occupies both the top and the bottom slot and has enough space for more buttons and features. It can also house LCD screens to display menus as well as show films on supported units.
  • Changing Mechanism: A CD changer allows for multiple CDs to be inserted and played one by one. This gives you the option of assembling a playlist from your CD collection without any additional wiring after the unit has been installed.
  • CD Capacity: The device has a magazine in which you feed the discs; it can hold anywhere from six to 12 discs and can play MP3 files as well. This is useful for when you have burned your favorite MP3 songs onto different CDs and want the convenience of playing the files without being distracted from the road by the constant manual changing of CDs.

What Are Features to Look for in Car CD Changers for Audi Vehicles?

  • Bluetooth: Many MP3 player car units are able to connect to your smart device via Bluetooth for wireless playback options. This is ideal for streaming music or enjoying music playback through your phone's internal storage. This feature can register multiple devices at once for easy reconnection but may only play music from one device at a time.
  • Stereo: An Audi car CD changer should come with stereo sound to play the full potential of your MP3 music. This system features a left and right sound channel so that music recorded in a studio or programmed to play particular sounds separately across channels can be reproduced accurately and to their full potential.
  • Remote: The car CD changer can also have a different design meant to be mounted elsewhere other than the dashboard because of its larger size and capacity. To control these changers, you have to control them remotely via a button or wireless transmitter.
  • Playback Options: Some changers also give you the option of playing music through a variety of means. USB ports are typically included so that you can insert a thumb drive loaded with playable MP3 music. Others feature a microSD card slot you push in and out for additional music options.