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Headlights for Lexus

Headlight maintenance on Lexus vehicles can be as simple as cleaning the lens, changing a fuse, replacing the light bulb, or installing entirely new headlights. When replacing the entire headlight part, there are several styles to choose from, such as smoke, black, clear, LED, or HID bulbs.

How do you clean Lexus headlights?

Lenses for Lexus headlights gradually turn cloudy with exposure to sunlight and the elements. Clouded lenses decrease the range of light by 40%. Having adequate lighting for night driving, dusk, or fog is imperative, and cleaning the headlights may be a simple fix for the Lexus. You will need a few supplies: automotive tape, wet and dry ultra-fine finishing sandpaper 2000 grit, headlight restoration solution, microfiber towels, clean water, and clean rags.

  • Beginby soaking the sandpaper in water. While the sandpaper is soaking, wash the lens and tape off your Lexus around the headlights.
  • Using the wet sandpaper, lightly sand the lens in downward strokes. Keep the lens wet, working up and down over the entire light. Watch the tape; if it becomes loose, re-tape to protect the car.
  • Change directions, sanding back and forth, keeping the lens and paper wet. Occasionally, dry the lamp with a clean rag to see if the cloudiness is gone. Continue wet sanding until clear. Rinse with clean water and dry.
  • Apply the polishing solution to the microfiber towel. Rub the solution in a circular pattern on the light. Be careful not to polish the car paint. Apply more solution and keep polishing the lens until it is shiny. If the lamp will not clear up, it may be time for new headlights.
What are adaptive headlights for Lexus vehicles?

Adaptive front lighting, or AFS, adjusts with the steering, the speed, and the direction of your Lexus. If the vehicle turns, the adaptive headlights will angle into the turn. When maneuvering around the curve, more of the road is visible. Traditional headlights shine straight forward and light up the side of the road instead of the corner.

Adaptive headlights use sensors to track the car’s rate of speed along with how far the steering wheel is turning, and the rotation of the Lexus to adjust the lamps. During slow corners, the system will shine the light towards the inside corner. At higher speeds, the adaptive front lighting sensors calculates where the vehicle will be in three seconds and will swivel the headlights individual to that location. Motors control the headlights and only activate if the drivers reach speeds over six miles per hours (10km/h).

The system is not active when your Lexus is not moving or in reverse, so the lights will not accidentally blind other drivers. This system automatic turns on by default, but some models have a toggle-off button that the driver can control. If the Lexus model does not have a toggle-off button, this feature can be disabled.