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Taillights for Lexus

If your Lexus vehicle has taillights that are damaged in any way, youll need to replace them as soon as possible. Taillights play an important role in road safety since they turn on whenever you press on the brake. Taillights for Lexus include bulbs that are available individually, taillight covers, and whole assemblies.

What are some different types of vehicle taillights?

  • Halogen: Your standard OEM lights are halogen ones. The term "halogen" refers to a group of elements that can react with metals to produce salts. A halogen bulb has a tungsten filament inside a sealed compartment thats also filled with some type of inert gas and halogen.
  • LED: LED stands for light-emitting diodes. LEDs use a smaller amount of energy and are long-lasting. They are durable and can illuminate nearly instantaneously.

How do you replace Lexus brake lights?

  1. Open up the trunk of your Lexus sedan, hatchback, or SUV to access the mounting bolts on the lens assembly.
  2. Remove the bolts.
  3. Take off the taillight lens by pulling it straight out.
  4. Remove the socket by turning it counterclockwise and pulling it out.
  5. Press on the release tab and pull the bulb out of the socket.
  6. Place the new one in the socket, and reverse your steps to complete the taillights installation.

What are some different styles?

Your traditional taillights and covers may have straightforward designs, basic shapes, and coloring that matches your Lexus vehicle whether it’s an IS300 or another model. You could find taillights that are a direct replacement for OEM parts. You could also give your Lexus car or SUV an upgrade by putting in taillights from an aftermarket brand.

  • Background color: The background color of your brake light assembly can be customized. You can find parts that have a black-, chrome-, or gray-colored background. These can give a greater sense of depth and add to the style of your car.
  • Lens cover: While the lens will always be transparent, the cover can have a tint to it. Some may have a gray or red tint, and the shades could go from faint to fairly dark. Covers that would replace many factory ones would be clear.
  • Shape: The housings could be rounded or squarer. There could also be multiple lights of various sizes to create visual interest.

How do you replace a Lexus taillight cover?

  1. Open up the trunk. Loosen and remove the mounting bolts that hold the taillight unit in place.
  2. Pull the taillight cover off. You may have to release plastic tabs that are found around the cover. A flathead screwdriver may come in handy on this step.
  3. Put the replacement cover in place. Push it in firmly to engage the plastic tabs.
  4. Affix any bolts that you may have taken off.