Everything You Need to Know About Carpet Stretchers

When you’re installing new carpet, tension is one of the most important factors. In other words, the carpet must be stretched taut to prevent bubbles and loose areas. That’s where carpet stretchers come in. These tools help you pull the carpet tight, so it looks and feels great.

Types of affordable carpet stretchers

Some stretchers you can buy on eBay include:

  • Knee kickers: A carpet knee kicker is a hand tool often used by home carpet installers. This tool features a head with sharp tines on one end that hook into the carpet. The other end features a padded panel. To stretch the carpet, you simply apply pressure with your knee.
  • Power stretcher: A power stretcher is made from a stretcher base with teeth that hook into the carpet. It also comes with a long adjustable pole that butts up against the wall. To stretch the carpet, you use the handle attached to the head to apply leverage. These tools help you achieve a greater level of stretch than knee kickers.
  • Stair stretcher: These new and used carpet tools come in two main configurations. One type consists of a rectangular frame with teeth that stretch the carpet across the tread. Another type features a two-tiered frame. The lower panel provides support on one stair, while the top panel stretches the carpet on the next stair up. You can rotate this tool to achieve tautness in all directions.
Things to consider when choosing stretchers for carpet installation

Whether you’re buying new or used carpet stretchers on eBay, consider the following factors:

  • Room size: Knee kickers are most useful for smaller rooms or tight spaces. If you’re running an industrial carpet business or you’re stretching carpets in very large rooms, then a power carpet stretcher can help you work faster and more efficiently.
  • Frequency of use: A carpet stretching tool can be expensive, particularly when you’re looking at power models. If you’re planning to use the tool frequently, then the more expensive power stretchers can be a good value.
  • Number of poles: When you’re looking at power stretchers, consider the number of poles it comes with. More poles enable you to stretch in multiple directions so you can work faster.
What brands make carpet stretchers?

Some brands that offer carpet stretchers for sale are:

  • Roberts: This brand makes a variety of flooring tools, including carpet stretchers. Most of the brand’s stretchers are power models. They come at all price points.
  • Bon Tool: Bon Tool makes professional-quality flooring tools. Its products are known for durability, even for high-volume carpeting businesses.
  • Finch & McClay: This brand specializes in affordable home renovation tools. It’s a good option if you want a low-cost power stretcher for home use.