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Carvin Electric Guitars

An electric guitar has a full range of tones and can come with various features. Carvin makes several types of electric instruments, including acoustic-electric guitars, solid body guitars, hollow body guitars, and electric bass guitars.

What is the action on a Carvin guitar?

The action is the distance between the string and the fretboard. You can adjust the action by twisting the truss rod, which runs through the neckpiece and has an exposed tip near the headstock. The current standard for Carvin is a 3/32-inch gap between the string and the fretboard at the 12th fret. An ideal action can ensure two things:

  • A musician can easily press down on the strings to hit various notes.
  • When the strings are not pressed down, they will not brush against the frets and cause unwanted buzzing.
What is the difference between humbucker and single-coil pickups?

Pickups are a key part of a Carvin electric guitar's sound. They translate the vibrating motion of the plucking of the strings into an audio signal that can be passed down to the amp. There are two main styles of pickup:

  • Single-Coil: This is more commonly found in older guitars. They can produce a relatively higher and sharper tone.
  • Humbucker: The humbucker pickup was invented to reduce humming or buzzing. When using a humbucker, you can notice a heavier and thicker tone in comparison with a single-coil pickup.

They are both suitable for different styles of play, and a guitar might have one, both, or neither. The most common design for Carvin is two humbuckers, but some Carvin guitars have an HSS configuration, which means one humbucker, one central single pickup, and one neck-side single-coil.

What kinds of neck joints can Carvin guitars have?

There are three categories of neck joints.

  • The first is a bolt-on joint. It refers to using metal bolts to secure the neck to the body.
  • The second is a set-in joint. It uses glue instead of bolts for the connection, and it's commonly found in Carvin electric guitars.
  • The last is a neck-through joint. With this joint, the neck extends through the body of the guitar, and the two pieces are connected with glue.
What are some color and design choices?

Carvin electric guitars come in a variety of colors and designs. They include the following and more:

  • The Carvin SB4000 Custom electric bass guitar, which comes in black.
  • The Carvin 2008 Icon electric bass guitar, which can come in a flame walnut finish.
  • The Carvin Timothy B Schmit electric bass guitar, which has a white body and dark neck.
  • The Carvin SB5000 electric bass guitar, which can come with a natural wood finish.
  • The Carvin LB75 electric bass, which can come with a green quilt finish.