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Find Out More About iPhone 5 LCD Screens

After dropping or otherwise damaging your iPhone, you may notice that the screen looks shattered, pixelated, or darkened. Replacement parts for phone screens allow you to replace the most commonly broken part of a phone, so you can get your iPhone 5 working again without having to purchase an entirely new phone. Once you install the new LCD screen, you can get back to texting friends, taking pictures, playing games, and more.

What comes with the screen?

Many cell phone LCD screens for iPhone 5 phones are sold with other phone parts attached. The exact details will vary by manufacturer, so you will have to carefully check a product to see what it includes. These are some of the items that may come with a phone screen.

  • LCD screen: This is the display that lights up to create the images you see on your phone screen.
  • Digitizer: The digitizer is a thin panel that goes over the LCD, and the digitizer lets you use touch gestures to control the phone.
  • Frame: Some options come with the front portion of the phone frame attached.
  • Camera: Screens that have a frame may include the front camera for the iPhone.
  • Home button: The button beneath the screen is part of some types of replacement screens.
  • Replacement tools: You may get the tools needed to replace the screen as part of some phone screen replacement kits.
How do you pick a screen for your iPhone?

There are many different options available for iPhone 5 screens. You can narrow down your decision by carefully considering these factors:

  • Phone type: The type of screen you should select will change depending on whether you have an iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, or iPhone 5S. Screens for different model types will not work on your phone.
  • Phone color: If desired, select a frame that matches your phone's overall color.
  • Replacement plans: Do you plan to put the screen on yourself or take it to a professional to repair the phone? If you are doing it yourself, you may want to select a kit that includes replacement tools and instructions.
  • Current phone condition: Carefully look at your phone to figure out which parts of the phone require replacing. You may be able to select an option that just contains the LCD screen, or you might need an option that includes a digitizer or buttons.
What size is an iPhone 5 screen?

A standard screen without a frame will measure four inches diagonally and have a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels. With the frame attached around the screen, the item will be 4.87 inches tall and 2.31 inches wide. Of course there can be some slight variation among different brands, so see the manufacturer site for details.

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