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Tips for Selecting a Digitizer for iPhone 5 Touch Screens

One of the most useful features of smartphones is that they allow you to simply touch the screen to perform your operations. The screen responds to your swiping and pressing because of the digitizer that is found on the back of the screen.

What is a screen digitizer?

A screen digitizer is a device that converts the signals received on the surface of the screen to digital signals. These digital signals reach the computer of the phone and are interpreted as certain commands.

Where is the screen digitizer located?

The screen digitizer is part of the LCD screen. The digitizer is a transparent piece that is found in the middle layer over the screen and below the protective glass on the outside of the LCD screen.

How does it work?

The digitizer assembly consists of microscopic sensors that are put together in regular rows and columns over the whole surface of the strip. When you touch the outer glass, the sensors on the surface are activated. An electronic circuit takes the signals from it and sends them to a coordinating location inside the computer of the phone. The software interprets the signals, according to the app you access and the spots you press, to deliver results on the screen.

How do you replace your screen digitizer assembly?

Although having it done by a professional may be preferable, you can replace the screen digitizer assembly yourself. Follow these steps to make the replacement:

  • Disassemble the device: In the case of an iPhone 5, it's best to discharge the battery before opening the device. Turn off the phone. Remove the 3.6 mm red screws on the sides of the lightning connector. Make sure that you open up the whole screen. Use a suction cup over the home button. Place a plastic pry tool between the display and the rear case. Open up the display.
  • Replace the parts: If the digitizer and glass are not fused together, you can replace the digitzer yourself. LCD screens are commonly sold together with digitizers. Close the display and replace the screws. Turn on the phone and check to make sure it functions as it should.
What is a replacement assembly of the touch screen?

An iPhone 5 replacement assembly or kit includes the parts you need and the materials needed to install them. They include:

  • The front touch screen.
  • Adhesive.
  • Tools for replacement.
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