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What to Know About Cell Phone Screen Digitizers for iPhone 6

If you find that your iPhone is not responding, it may be time for a new digitizer. As long as you find a part compatible with your model, you can replace it yourself. A replacement part will restore your phone back to full functionality.

What is the purpose of a digitizer?

If you have ever opened an email or browsed the internet from your phone, you have used a digitizer. It takes the pressure on the screen and converts it into a digital pulse. If this part goes bad, it will cause problems for your phone. A failing component means that your phone will not respond correctly. You may want to check if you also need a screen replacement as well. Usually if one part fails, the other part will need to be replaced too. Most of the time, you can find both replacement parts in the same kit.

You need to check the severity of the damage to your iPhone 6. If the screen is cracked and still responding, you can just replace the glass. If the touch function is not working, you need to look into a digital touch replacement. Every situation will be different, so make sure to check what you need before buying parts.

What parts will be compatible with the iPhone 6?

In order to get the correct parts for your iPhone, you need to verify the model number. Apple makes products that are similar in size but may not be the best fit for your phone. The camera and home buttons are important features and need to be properly fitted. A replacement part that is not compatible will cause your phone to not function properly. Apple makes it simple to find the model number on their phones. The information for the iPhone 6 is etched into the back of their products.

How do you replace the digitizer on the iPhone 6?
  • Turn it off: You must power down the device to avoid any electrical problems.
  • Grab a screwdriver: Remove all the screws along the side of the iPhone 6.
  • Pull the pieces apart: Carefully pry the LCD screen and digitizer from the phone.
  • Take out components: Remove the sensors and motherboard. Keep all parts together since you will need to reattach them to the phone.
  • Replace the digitizer: Start to reattach the sensors back on the device.
  • Check that it's all connected: Once you have everything reconnected, you can start to reassemble the phone. Make sure the two sides are lined up and flush with each other. You can snap the back plate into position.
  • Reattach the screws: Put them back into their places.