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Cell Phone and Smartphone Opening Tools

The core function for opening tools is to open the screens, glass surfaces, and back-ends of cell phones and smart devices. Although most cell phone and smartphone opening tools can pry open almost any cell phone or smartphone, many are packaged as kits with specialized screwdrivers, pry tools, and small paddles.

What are the types of opening tools?
  • Spudgers: Spudgers are tools that have a wide, flathead screwdriver-like end that extends as a wedge and is used to separate pressure-fitted plastic components.
  • Triangle Pry/Paddle Tools: These triangle-shaped prying tools are usually made from nylon or plastic.
  • Suction Cups: These are mainly used to remove screens or glass panels.
  • Screen Opening Pliers (with suction cups): These are two big suction cups fixed on a clip-style metal handle that are designed to lift screens.
  • Dual Crowbar/Flathead Pry Tool: Each end of this tool serves as a crowbar or flathead pry tool. Most dual crowbar/flathead pry tools are made of plastic or magnetic/nonmagnetic metal.
  • Metal Spatula: A metal spatula tool is used for separating parts that are glued together by the manufacturer and require more prying power. There are two types of metal spatulas: ultra-thin steel, and thick metal. Ultra-thin steel aids in prying into smaller crevices while thick metal spatulas are designed for prying open tightly joined compartments.
  • Plastic Opening Pick: These are used for prying, sliding, and separating screens from phones. Another common plastic opening pick is the double head plastic pry tool.
  • Card Pry Opening Tools: These tools slide between parts, helping to unhinge clips and pry devices open.
What are some types of assisting tools?

Some types of assisting tools that typically come equipped with opening tools include:

  • - Pentalobe screwdriver
  • - Phillips head screwdriver
  • - Flathead screwdriver
  • - Straight tip/ESD tweezers
  • - Replacement adhesive
  • - SIM card tray opener
  • - Mircofiber cleaning cloth
What are cell phone opening tools used for?

The main objective of assisting tools is to ease the process of cell phone repair. Typically, with more assisting tools available (particularly screwdrivers), many different types of cell phones are able to be opened and repaired. Opening toolkits with extensive amounts of assistive tools are capable of opening and repairing devices smaller and larger than cell phones, such as smartwatches, tablets, and laptops. If you're unsure of which opening tool will best aid your phone, an opening toolkit with a wide range of assistive tools will universally apply to most phones.