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Chie Mihara High Heels

Chie Mihara is a multinational designer that creates fun, fashionable heels for women. The Spanish designer began her career in an orthopedic footwear store, and the early training she received fitting shoe buyers with particular footwear and comfort needs inspired her to create better footwear for women. Chie Mihara designs her products so that every woman who wears her fashionable creations can be comfortable while working.

What styles of women's shoes does Chie Mihara make?

Chie Mihara specializes in feminine footwear. The company's goal is to create beautiful, attractive heels that women want to wear and ensure they are comfortable to wear all day. Mihara draws her design inspiration from vintage influences. Her style inspirations range from 1930s vintage wear to 1980s humor-inspired styles. When taking fashion details from the past to create fashion staples, Chie Mihara reworks contemporary esthetics into her designs.

Like most high-fashion designers, Chie Mihara's options change regularly and depend on the season. What is available one season may not be available the next. However, what you can count on is the type of footwear you will have to shop from. Chie Mihara specializes in the following heel heights:

  • Low: Less than 3 inches
  • Mid: 3 to 4 inches
  • Super: More than 5 inches
  • Platform: Thick soles of between 1 and 4 inches

Each designer item is created by hand and made of different materials. Leather and some synthetic materials are commonly used while crafting. Some of the styles feature a strap and others are open-toed. Raised ankle boots are also seen in the line.

Why are Chie Mihara high heel shoes comfortable to wear?

Chie Mihara, a mother and working woman, understood that most fashion-forward footwear choices for women sacrificed comfort for style. When she created her company in 2001, she wanted to find a way to incorporate style and comfort in dressy and business shoes. Every pair of Chie Mihara shoes uses an anatomical footbed to make it more comfortable to wear.

How do Chie Mihara shoes fit?

If you are taking the plunge into Chie Mihara shoes, you may be worried about sizing. The shoes are sold with European sizing. If you are shopping in the United States, you just need to convert your sizing from European sizes to American sizes. The sizing is true to size, so whatever you wear in this type of footwear from other brands, you can expect to wear in Chie Mihara shoes.

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