Clarion 1 DIN Car Audio In-Dash units

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Features of Clarion 1-DIN Car Audio In-Dash Units

Upgrading the in-dash system of your vehicle can help you create a customized sound system for entertainment and enjoyment while driving. Additionally, several units offer multiple features such as GPS navigation, Sirius XM satellite, or Bluetooth capabilities. Understanding the features of Clarion in-dash units and their installation and maintenance can help you decide which unit will meet your needs.

What size is a 1-DIN unit?

This refers to the height of the unit. A 1-DIN unit is roughly 2 inches high and 7 inches wide, creating a narrow and streamlined appearance on your dashboard. For a taller unit, look for a 2-DIN or double-DIN unit, which is roughly 4 inches high and 7 inches wide. Many units that feature touch screens and navigation are configured as double-DIN in order to have a larger viewing screen for those additional features.

For minimal alteration to your vehicle's existing dashboard openings, check to see what size unit is already installed. If you are upgrading from a 1-DIN- to a double-DIN-size unit, you will need to create a larger opening. If you are downsizing from a double-DIN to a 1-DIN unit, you may need to purchase a trim kit to alter the space.

Can you pair your phone with a Bluetooth-enabled radio?

If your Clarion car radio or receiver is Bluetooth-enabled, you can connect your cellphone or other wireless devices to it by using an auxiliary cable. The auxiliary cable should plug into your cellphone's headphone jack and have a plug that fits in the auxiliary input of your car audio system.

You can connect the cell phone and dash system wirelessly by opting to pair the cellphone to your Bluetooth system. Enable pairing on your dash system, then use the settings on your phone to connect to the Wi-Fi of your Bluetooth radio. This may require inputting a PIN for your phone's Wi-Fi system.

What are some features of Clarion systems?

Depending on the type of listening experience you wish to create and what other functions you want, there are many features available. Common features include:

  • Radio: HD Radio tuner with remote control with preset channels for AM/FM.
  • Music apps: Pandora control for both iPhones and Android phones.
  • Physical discs: CD/CD-R capability as well as MP3 with ID3 tag display for information on each song.
  • Wireless: Bluetooth capability with pairing to phones and wireless devices as well as a built-in microphone for hands-free talking on your phone.
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Do you need a wiring harness for installation?

If you are replacing a factory-installed stereo with a custom audio system, purchasing a wiring harness system that allows you to easily and safely connect your new system to your vehicle's existing wiring will save you time and eliminate confusion.

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