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Rock Out Your Way With a Clarion Car Cassette Player

Clarion produced many types of audio players, including cassette players for cars. These models allow you to play cassettes and a variety of different radio bands. These Clarion car cassette players can also be used to do more than play stereo cassette tapes in your car.

What unit sizes are available for these cassette players?

Clarion produced a multitude of different cassette players, each of which played cassette tapes. The sizes of these players varied depending on the radio. The size is indicated by the number of DIN or connecting items that are used to hook the cassette player up to the radio. The size of the unit doesn't affect its sound but does change how it may run music in your car. These sizes include:

  • 1 DIN – The smallest type of these radios will run various cassette tapes in your car.
  • 2 DIN – This slightly larger unit will produce stereo sound for your car and work with more types of speakers than 1 DIN cassette units.
Can they be used with CD converters?

Clarion audio cassette players are typically compatible with CD players if you insert a cassette-based converter. These converters slide into the slot and convert the sound output of a CD player into a signal for the cassette player. You'll need to have a portable CD unit or another type of radio in your vehicle for this to operate. Even a small personal CD player that runs on batteries can work in this scenario.

Do they work with MP3 units?

Many radios of this type are compatible with MP3 players, as long as you hook them up using a specific adapter. Often, the kind used to convert CD sound can also be used for MP3 tools. However, there are also some stereo models that can be adapted for Bluetooth use. This type of converter requires plugging a small Bluetooth converter into the cigarette lighter and tuning the radio to a specific station. The MP3 unit with Bluetooth will then sync up to the converter and send its music through the receiver.

Can you use deck cleaners on these units?

Deck cleaners are placed in your cassette slot and will clean out dirt and other debris that fall inside your stereo. Using these simple cleaners once a month or so will keep the unit running smoothly and help avoid serious issues. It can also prevent cassette eating, which occurs when dirt gums up the unit and causes it to pull the tape out of the cassette housing. Thankfully, this problem doesn't happen often and should be avoidable.

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