Commercial Sinks

Commercial Sinks for Intensive Washing Purposes

If you need a tool that will help you prepare large amounts of food or wash stacks of dishes with ease, you might want to consider one of the new or used commercial sinks in this category. To make sure that you set yourself up with a sink that fits your purposes, consider these answers to frequent customer questions.

What types of commercial sinks are there?

There are many different models of sinks available on eBay. Each model of sink is different, and particular models may be better or worse for your particular situation. However, each of these sink models can be classified into one of three groups:

  • Single-bowl sinks: A single bowl sink might be the right solution for your commercial kitchen if you dont have a lot of dishes to do every day. These types of sinks only have one bowl, and they are relatively compact.
  • Double-bowl sinks: Double-bowl sinks have two bowls that are right next to each other, and each bowl has a separate drain. These types of sinks can come in handy if you want to soak and wash dishes at the same time.
  • Triple-bowl sinks: For a truly heavy-duty commercial dishwashing or food preparation experience, you might want to consider a triple-bowl sink. While these sinks generally only have single faucets, they have three full bowls with separate drains.
Can these sinks protect against splashing?

Yes, some of the sinks available on eBay have features called splash guards. These guards go on the sides of the sinks, and they make it so that clean or dirty water cant spill over the side of the sink and fall on other surfaces. Splash guards generally consist of low stainless-steel walls, and they are most commonly found on single-bowl sinks.

How do you pick the right sink?

The most important consideration youll need to make as you select from among the sinks in this category is how many sink bowls you need to operate effectively. If youre operating a large kitchen, you might be able to utilize all of the bowls in a triple-bowl sink effectively. However, these types of sinks would be overkill if you only have a few things to wash every day. Its also important to determine which type of faucet you want to have with your sink.